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An e-commerce manager is responsible for overseeing a fashion brand’s online sales and presence. This includes attracting customers online to the website and working with developers to create the look and functionality of the site, constantly analysing traffic and trying to increase it.

E-Commerce teams also work closely with marketing to devise promotions and operations teams to ensure smooth delivery of its products to the customer. Social media can also be included in this area. The role combines elements of marketing, sales and technology. It suits someone who pays attention to detail and enjoys combining creativity with analysis to maximise profit for the business.

An E-Commerce Manager may spend the day analysing web traffic to the company’s site and agreeing changes with the web development team to improve look of it.

Poor performing lines may be reduced and visibility given to a new range of clothing. The afternoon could be spent meeting with the Marketing team to assess pay per click advertising (PPC) and search engine optimisation (SEO) and make changes to improve campaign performance.

Sally Heath, E-Commerce Director, New Look.

“I am responsible for driving trade across all our UK and European websites, looking after team covering Merchandising, Content, Photography, Digital Marketing, CRM and Analytics. It is like being a mini CEO of a business as there are so many skillsets and disciplines involved. My first passion is fashion and I spent 15 years in buying roles before specialising in Ecommerce as I knew this is where the growth would be. It is an exciting time to be part of a new industry which has brought pace and innovation to retail…and to think it didn’t even exist when I was studying! Technology is opening up new roles and opportunities so I expect retail to keep evolving and creating more exciting career paths.”

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