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Fashion Buying

A Fashion Retail Buyer is responsible for selecting product ranges for sale. They source new lines and review existing stock to ensure products remain competitive. A buyer needs to be able to forecast and recognise future trends and work out which ones will take off. They need to understand the customer base, the prices they’re willing to pay and the likely demand for products.

Reacting to and forecasting market trends and changes are key aspects of the job. Excellent communication skills and the ability to work under pressure are valuable skills for this job role.

A typical day can vary according to the season, particularly as a Fashion Buyer. For example, out of season, the majority of time will be spent in the workplace (in the office and on the shop floor), and during the buying season, a large proportion of time will be spent away from the office sourcing new product lines in order to assemble a new collection for sale.

Paul Phipps, Buying Manager, River Island

"Being a Buying Manager is challenging every day yet a truly fantastic and rewarding experience. Leading and inspiring teams to deliver the overall business strategy and ensuring we are consistently exceeding our customers’ product expectations is paramount.

Travelling the world to see new and existing suppliers, reviewing our international stores and understanding new markets is a great part of the role. We live in a international world and understanding the global market is key to personal and business success."