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Fashion Styling

A fashion stylist selects clothes, shoes & accessories to create a ‘look’ for a magazines’ fashion pages, TV & press ads and music videos. Stylists also work with celebrities and individuals to put together wardrobes to create their image.

Stylists often work with larger creative teams including a photographer, designer, make-up artist and director to put together a look or theme for a specific project. A stylist needs to be able to work with others to understand their needs and be up to speed with the latest seasonal trends, ranges and fashion labels.

A Stylist could spend the day sourcing product for a magazine or film shoot including clothes and props, identifying suppliers and arranging for collection & returns.

Time could be spent on set dressing models or celebrities before they go in front of the camera, or writing editorial copy to support a fashion feature.

Tanja Mrnjaus, Fashion Stylist

"As a multidisciplinary stylist I wear many hats, I could be styling a shoot, consulting for a brand, private styling, personal shopping or presenting an event. Having experience and exposure to so many dimensions of styling has given me the freedom to explore my skills and evolve along with the demands of the industry. 

Throughout my career I have styled clients from all walks of life, all ages, all body types, all budgets and personal challenges, all of these experiences makes me appreciate the power of styling and how life changing it can be. Styling is much more than just selecting aesthetically pleasing wardrobe, it shapes culture, perception, gender and overall roles in the society.

Having an opportunity to empowering individuals, work with creative teams and develop innovative projects is what I love about my job as a stylist. What I find rewarding is sharing my expertise and mentoring the new generation of stylists, equipping them with both theory and practice that will enable them to meet industry needs of today and tomorrow."