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Garment Technology

A garment technologist works on the design and production of textiles, fibres and yarns, supporting the design and buying teams throughout all stages of product development right through to manufacture, improving production, efficiency and quality.

They carry out technical quality control tests to ensure the final product is of a high enough standard. Garment technologists need an eye for detail.

A Garment Technologist could spend the day overseeing dying, printing and finishing processes, liaising with Designers to adapt a new design for production purposes, making & sizing pre-production garments for testing and sourcing new fabrics and accessories.

Lucinda Hagan, Junior Garment Technologist, River Island.

"I love being a Garment Technologist as I love experimenting with different fabrics and cuts and enjoy working closely with our buying and design teams! Personally I feel a garment technologist must have clear communication skills and a keen eye to problem solve efficiently. Working in a fast paced environment teaches you how to meet deadlines, prioritise and build a professional etiquette with both internal and external colleagues. Working as a garment technologist alongside buyers and designers enables you to acquire a recognisable skill-set desired by most fashion retailers."