Following Government guidelines, we are currently putting various measures in place for the next academic year. Please be assured that we are committed to providing you with an excellent academic experience as safely as possible.

Classes will still be beginning in September as normal, however the way in which these lessons will take place and how your studies will work will be different than originally expected. The top priority of everyone here at the FRA is that our students and staff are safe and therefore we must take all the necessary precautions.

At the current time, we are planning to deliver your learning with a combination of on site and remote delivery.  This would ensure we can reduce class sizes by around half to adhere to government social distancing guidelines.  All communal areas will have floor markings and the student restaurant will be closed to avoid large groups gathering together.   We are also looking at staggered start and end times to enable students who travel to do so safely. For more practical courses such as Fashion Design, Visual Merchandising and Garment Technology, we will adjust the curriculum to ensure academic units are delivered remotely enabling practical sessions to take place in the building later in the year.

Over the past few months, we have been developing innovative online solutions which have received a fantastic response by both students and staff alike, and attendance and engagement during lessons has been at an unprecedented high.  Some of our students have spoken about their online learning experience, which you can view here.

We are also preparing to provide full face to face teaching at the earliest opportunity, should the government announce that it is safe to resume a normal timetable without social distancing measures in place. Conversely, if government advice is that we should not open at all, we will switch to fully remote learning.    

As the situation and government guidelines continue to update, we too shall update our plans accordingly.  I hope this provides some reassurance that we are working round the clock to minimise the impact the current situation has on your learning experience at the FRA whilst prioritising the safety of staff and students alike.   As our plan becomes more detailed we will also inform you of any specific changes to your course in advance of September (e.g if we have to change assessment or placement arrangements) and what your options are.

If you have any concerns or queries please don’t hesitate to contact us on 0300 247 0039, via live chat or  In the meantime, please keep safe and we look forward to you joining us in September.

Kindest regards

Lee Lucas, Principal