Last Update: 5th January, 2021

We are writing to you further to our Prime Minister's broadcast last night. Along with colleagues around the country, we have spent a considerable amount of time preparing for students' safe return to studies, including the introduction of daily peak flow Covid testing onsite at the Government's request.  

We are as disappointed as you about the late notice and the unclear plans but we anticipate these will come through shortly.  In the meantime what we do know for certain is that although GCSE and A levels will not take place, grades and certificates will be awarded.  Thankfully the vocational assessments which apply to our diploma and degree students will go ahead. 

To this end, online learning is not optional and over next month or so we expect all students to not only attend all online sessions but to fully engage with learning and any set activities. The effort you put into your studies now will bear fruit in the future and will not be wasted. Assessment continues and grades will be awarded.

Rest assured that all of the team at FRA are thinking of you all and have been busy planning for your safe return, whatever the format. 

Keyworker and vulnerable provision, should it be required, will be open from your planned return date (11th January for Diploma students and 25th January for HE students).  You have been sent a separate e-mailing requesting you to notify us if you need this provision. 

For all students, online learning begins as per your timetable and non-attendance will be followed up rigorously. We expect your full participation and engagement in all timetabled lessons and learning activities.  It is you who will reap the reward of the effort and hard work you put in now.

If you have any difficulties accessing the live lessons due to a lack of equipment or internet connectivity, or need further assistance in any way, please contact your Group Leader or email

We will write again with further details as more information is provided. It may be of some surprise to you to know that we are receiving information about school opening & closures at the same time as you rather than in advance, as you might have expected.  We continually plan for varying scenarios in these uncertain times to ensure we are agile enough to successfully implement whatever the government decides, and we are grateful for your continued co-operation to achieve this. 

We appeal to you as students and parents/guardians not to give up, lose hope or become disaffected. Qualifications and grades will be awarded in the summer and there is plenty of time to ensure you get the grade you deserve - these are worth working towards. 

In the meantime, if we can help in any way please do not hesitate to let us know.

Kindest regards 

Lee Lucas

Principal & CEO