Get Involved

There are a number of ways for businesses to get involved with the FRA and shape the future of fashion retail training and development. Work with us on one or more of the areas below to help shape the future for tomorrow's job ready talent.

Many of our courses include two to three week work placements. Retailers are able to support our students with a work placement, simultaneously using it as an opportunity to use the time as an extended interview, enabling you to trial candidates for a real job role and add resource to your team at no extra cost.

We have a number of ways for retailers to recruit from our talent pool. Advertise your jobs free of charge on our closed LinkedIn group of FRA trained alumni, or attend our annual Careers Day to access soon to be graduates looking for their first job role.

Set a live business challenge to solve via one of our student projects. This also enables you to talk to our students to conduct research and gain insight into a particular consumer group or industry sector. Previous projects have included a Pop-up shop brief, competitor analysis and product design to a specific brief. 

Upskill existing staff on our part-time fast track courses enabling them to learn whilst continuing to work. These courses are condensed to just two days per week for 22 weeks, ensuring minimum disruption and impact on your business.

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Call or e-mail the FRA Retail Liaison Team now to find out more:

Tel: 020 7307 2334