Careers Q&A: bonprix

Careers Q&A


  • Campaign Manager, Suzanna;
  • Offline Campaign Manager, Rosie;
  • Marketing Services Manager, Paul


How did you get into your current role and why?

Rosie - I had four years’ experience working in a couple of marketing roles. I was lucky enough to get a taste of both B2C and B2B companies’ communications. Through that experience I figured out exactly what my interests and strengths were and what type of environment I wanted to work in. This realisation led me to the role that I am in now and I couldn’t be happier.

Paul - My first role as a graduate was in a marketing department where I was coordinating direct mail campaigns.  I was identified as someone who had an eye for numbers so I was drafted into the analysis team and I’ve done this ever since.


What kind of work experience did you undertake in the past?

Suzanna - I mostly did admin work, then writing for news agencies and newspapers to get a foot in the door.

Rosie - Before gaining full-time marketing positions after university I was lucky enough to have had jobs from the age of 16: waitressing, bar work, retail, promotions and stewarding.

Paul - From turning 16 I worked in supermarkets and pubs, which gave me a good work ethic and customer focus.


What’s the best thing about working in fashion?

Rosie - I have a personal interest in the industry. Being able to see how the business works and taking part in activities that all links to a subject that genuinely appeals to me is a real bonus and something that provides job satisfaction.  

Suzanna - The fashion industry is a very open culture of ideas and I love the sample sales!


What would you look for in a potential employee?

Rosie - A potential employee needs to be passionate about the position, have clear eagerness to learn and show enthusiasm. If they don’t have any direct experience in the industry I look for transferable skills, hardworking and being articulate are two of them.

Suzanna – Show the ability to see the bigger picture, think creatively and respect what other people do.

Paul - Somebody who I’m happy to spend 40 hours of my life each week with and somebody with the aptitude for the job they are going to be doing and a willingness to learn.


If you could go back in time, what advice would you give your younger self?

Suzanna - Read up on marketing and PR and get some work experience, as the industry is expanding, evolving and becoming increasingly important to our economy.  

Paul - Don’t get stressed about things.  Look at your boss and if they’re not worried, you don’t have to be.