It's a Digital World...

Digital World


We launched our first ever Digital Marketing course in September due to demand within the retail's how Chandika Chillipa, Level 4 Digital Marketing student is finding the course so far.

"The new Level 4 Digital Marketing course is a fantastic opportunity for budding marketers. It's so hands on and it gets you engaged and thinking about the growing importance of Digital Marketing; you get to cover modules such as user experience, making a marketing plan for a product and the use of social media. Digital Marketing is constantly evolving which makes this course special because things can change tomorrow so you'll always be learning something new. Choosing the Fashion Retail Academy was the best choice for this area as they have so many connections with businesses in the fashion industry and the knowledge that the staff and lecturers have will prepare you for what ever exciting route you decide to go through at the end of this course."

Our next intake for the Digital Marketing course is in February '17. Apply Here.