What's life like after FRA? Our 6-week Fashion Conversion Course student, Sophie Bentley tells all...

Former FRA Student Sophie Bentley


We love hearing from our former FRA students and here's a story we wanted to share with you all. This week we caught up with Sophie Bentley who studied our 6-week Fashion Conversion Course last year. 

Sophie Bentley, 23, Manchester, Buyers Admin Assistant at Missguided.

“I had known for many years that I wanted to get into Fashion Buying and that it would be something I am good at. However, with my degree in English, a couple of Internships in Fashion and retail experience on my CV, I struggled to break into the industry.

I was recommended The Fashion Retail Academy by a family friend who has worked in Fashion for many years, after they heard rave reviews. I saved up as much money as I could, quit my job in Retail and moved to London to complete the 6-week Fashion Conversion course.

I loved that we were taught by experienced professionals from the industry and the individual attention they gave each and every one of us studying. What I really valued from the course, is the genuine, honest, impartial advice that I still carry with me in my career today. We were given a wide range of valuable information and taught applicable skills in both Buying and Merchandising. Without a doubt the most valuable aspect of the course for me was the job prospects that were presented to us.

We were given one-to-one coaching on interview skills, techniques, CV tailoring workshops and honest career advice unique to us. We were introduced to revered contacts in the industry who presented us with advice for life and real job opportunities. We were taken to the Head Offices of some of the biggest retailers in the game and introduced to people who gave us the opportunity to interview for them. Getting amazing advice from the people that are hiring for your dream job, and the status of the FRA, really gave me the edge I needed on my CV!

I started my job as a Buyers Admin Assistant for Arcadia the Monday after the course finished, after meeting the Head of HR on the course and landing an interview during my study. After 6 months at Arcadia, I moved back to Manchester to be a Buyers Admin Assistant for Missguided.

It was so refreshing to be a part of the culture at FRA, and to meet the amazing tutors and pupils, who I am still friends with today. I owe my career to FRA and because of this it’s the best decision I ever made! I can honestly say that the 6 weeks at the FRA were more valuable to me than my 3 years at University. 

All I will say to anyone thinking of applying, you won’t regret it.”

Congratulations on your success Sophie!