FRA Work Experience by Nina Longman

FRA Work Experience


Last week we had the lovely Nina with us for a weeks work experience!

"I went to the FRA on my work experience with an open mind, obviously being interested in fashion. On the first day I was in the HR office doing a personality test and it was really interesting to find out more about myself. I also did a future job search which made me think more clearly about what I want to do when I’m ready for work. I spent the second day on a Personal Styling course where I got to go out with a group of lovely ladies to Oasis and the mock up shop in FRA and style people. On the 3rd day I had a lesson on Photo Shop and experienced what work was like in the business hub, also I got to go to a meeting over the road in Arcadia with the girls from the retail department. And finally on the 4th day, I learnt about CVs and got to create my own one which will be really useful for part time jobs that I might want to get in a couple of years. Then I went to the marketing department and was told all about what they do. Chloe, who works in the department, is in charge of all the social media accounts for FRA so I got to write all about my time here for the social media. After that I got to learn about apprenticeships in the business hub. Overall, I feel very lucky to have had my work experience at the FRA, I have learnt so much and every staff member and every student I met was so helpful and lovely. Being there gave me a feel for what work is like and how it all comes together in every department. I feel privileged to have experienced so many different parts of work within FRA and I would definitely recommend it for anyone who is doing future work experiences."  

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