The Fashion Retail Academy Launches Two Exciting New Degree Courses

FRA Degree Launch


The Fashion Retail Academy is thrilled to introduce our degrees with a difference programme. Our exclusive, brand new fast track fashion degree courses are the BA (Hons) in Business Management for Fashion, and the BA (Hons) in Marketing and Communications for Fashion, both of which are launching for September 2017 intake!

Whether you're a school leaver, Uni course changer or planning to retrain, read on to find out more about our new degrees, and how they differ from the more traditional university route.

Degrees with a difference

What makes our degrees unique? Here are the top three reasons.

  1. Put yourself on the fast track - What really sets our degrees apart from the established format found in universities and colleges around the country is that a degree at the FRA provides a faster (not to mention more financially achievable) way to get that BA (Hons) qualification, and take that integral first step towards your dream job in fashion. The programme runs over two years instead of the traditional three, getting you job ready in two-thirds of the time, and for two-thirds of the cost.
  1. Hands-on experience – Additionally, our degrees have an emphasis on the practical with a focus on preparing you for the real world of fashion retail. In our experience, this leads to a greater chance of excelling in your job, and it makes that potentially difficult transition between study and work much smoother. In order to achieve this, our new degrees courses include an exclusive work placement with a well known fashion brand each year, live industry led projects, masterclasses and your own mentor, all with the support of our 130 retail partners. You will be taught by experienced tutors who have all worked in the fashion industry. And on graduation, you are guaranteed a job interview following the completion of your degree – to propel you even quicker into work.
  1. Head office work placements – Our invaluable, real-world approach is continued with our head office work placements, which offer a matchless opportunity you simply won’t find anywhere else. Working with an established and reputable high street brand, you’ll make key contacts, learn on the ground skills and pick up the knowledge you need to catapult yourself into the fashion world, all whilst still studying for your degree.

In order to provide you with the highest possible quality of course content, we created our unique degrees by working with over 50 fashion retail companies. As a result, they’re jam-packed full of valuable, relevant and accurate material to give you the best possible chance of succeeding in a career in fashion retail. With our degrees, you get the same standard of excellence you’d expect from the FRA – only now with the added benefit of having a BA (Hons) to put next to your name.

Why do our BA (Hons) in Marketing and Communications for Fashion fast track?

Love social media? Natural-born marketer? You may well be cut out for an exciting, fast-paced career in fashion marketing, and this two-year degree is the perfect place to start. It’s absolutely bursting at the seams with invaluable content, not to mention the fact that it gets you to graduation in two-thirds of the time of a regular degree. 

This course will delve deep into the disciplines of marketing and communications, giving you a working knowledge of best practice. The topics you’ll cover will include:

  • Contextual and historical studies
  • Professional development
  • Consumer behaviour
  • Marketing concepts
  • Branding and brand management
  • Promotion, PR and communications
  • Digital and social media
  • Fashion retail environment
  • Digital skills
  • VM/styling/trends
  • And much, much more.

As well as the wealth of information presented to you by our expert tutors, there are many more advantages of the BA (Hons) in Marketing and Communications for Fashion fast track. In addition to a guaranteed interview at the end of your course, you'll also take part in industry projects to not only build up your knowledge and experience but your portfolio too, making sure that when you leave us, you're ready to step into your dream job in fashion!

What’s more, here at the FRA we are lucky to work with over 130 retail brand partners. Each year, we provide an work placement with one of these companies to give you your first taste of the fashion world (not to mention those all-important contacts).

An experienced mentor will be on-hand throughout the duration of your degree to support and guide you, so you receive all of the help you need at every stage.

What roles can I go into after completing the BA (Hons) in Marketing and Communications for Fashion fast track?

In our recent blogpost about our OC&C Blueprint Report, we talked about the significant shortage of candidates entering the fashion industry with digital media, technical and analytical skills. As a result, these jobs roles are plentiful and well-paid. This course will equip you with the knowledge you need to make yourself the candidate who your favourite brands won’t be able to turn down. Here are just a few of the areas you might go on to work within with this degree in your pocket:

  • PR
  • Marketing
  • Digital marketing
  • Brand management
  • Customer insight and experience architecture
  • Community management
  • Bloggosphere management
  • User interface engineering
  • Online visual merchandising
  • Vlog curator
  • Marketing innovation and capability management
  • Digital merchandising
  • Social media management
  • And many more.

Think of your BA (Hons) in Marketing and Communications for Fashion fast track as a gateway into your dream career in fashion marketing – the first step is simply to start. Find out more on our website.

Why do our BA (Hons) in Business Management for Fashion fast track?

If you’ve got a head or numbers and organising things makes you tick, then you might be the perfect fit for a career in fashion business management. Our BA (Hons) in Business management for Fashion fast track course can help get you there. Here's an overview of what you'll study over the two-year duration:

  • Contextual and historical studies
  • Professional development
  • Leadership and management
  • Retail operations
  • The value chain
  • Product development
  • Data and analytics
  • Digital innovation and its application in retail
  • Internationalisation and globalisation
  • Futures and sustainability
  • Entrepreneurship and innovation
  • Fashion retail environment
  • And much, much more.

Much like our BA (Hons) in Marketing and Communications, this fashion degree course offers a guaranteed interview upon completion of your course, as well as live industry projects (led by some of the biggest retailers in the business) to boost that portfolio. You’ll have your very own industry mentor, and an work placement with one of our 130 retail partners will prepare you better for the real world of fashion more than any amount of theory ever could. 

What roles can I go into after completing BA (Hons) in Business Management for Fashion fast track?

This is a versatile and vocational course that will open up a wide range of potential job roles once you graduate. The course content is broad, offering many useful and transferable skills, so even if you change your mind about the fashion discipline you want to pursue, you'll still have the knowledge you need.

Upon completion of your course you might choose to pursue any of the following areas:

  • Strategy
  • Analytics, digital and technology
  • Supply chain and inventory management
  • Creation of your own business
  • Community manager
  • Analyst or data scientist
  • Customer manager or director
  • Store manager

More essential details about our brand new BA (Hons) courses

As we mentioned, our courses get you to where you need to be in two-thirds of the time. How, you might ask? Well, as they are fast track courses, all of the information and content from a full-length degree has been fit into a shorter time period. As a result, you will study more intensively, but for a shorter time. You’ll study for three semesters (rather than two) of 12 weeks each per year for the two-year duration. You will receive at least 16 hours of teaching per week.

This is the perfect recipe for success if you are committed to a career in fashion retail, and want to get to your dream job quickly without sacrificing any of the important learning along the way. In two years, you will have learnt the same amount as university students, and also gained practical experience, giving you a clear advantage over your peers (and your competitors for those highly-prized job roles)!

Obviously, there’s a financial advantage here, too; you only pay for two years of study, rather than three. Our BA (Hons) degrees cost £9,000 per year for UK citizens, and £15,000 for international students.

Want to find out more about our brand new fashion degrees starting in September 2017? Visit our website