FRA Styling Expert Tanja


We love hearing about how people have carved out a successful career in the fashion industry. We recently sat down with Tanja Mrnjaus, founder and styling queen at id couture, to discuss what it’s like to run your own styling business, her career highlights and the key skills you need to make it as a stylist. If you're interested in starting out in the fashion industry or styling for fun, Tanja teaches on our Personal Styling Short Course, so come along to the next session and hear what she has to say in person!


1. Why Personal Styling?
Because it has the power to change someone's life though confidence.

2. What skills do you need to work in styling?
You need a love of people, a love of clothes, to be a great communicator, have an understanding of the basic principles of styling and lots of practice!

3. You successful run your own stylist consultancy – idcouture - what has been the highlight?
The highlight is definitely being able to pass on my knowledge to the new generation of personal stylists.

4. What have been some of the biggest challenges you’ve face with idcouture?
Just like every business, it has to evolve and it has to grow - so finding the right stylists to represent your business as you would, has been the most challenging.

5. A day in the life of Tanja looks like…
It starts with an extra strong coffee, reading the latest industry news so I am up to date with what trends and brands are doing, so I can pass this knowledge to clients. Then I prepare myself for the day by reading client briefs, arriving earlier for appointments so I have time to familiarise myself with the product in the shops and immerse myself in the styling session, and ensure I am giving 110% to my client. After the session I will be checking emails, updating social media, organising a shoot and liaising with a creative team. I wear many hats depending on what jobs are pending, no one day is the same… but it does always start with a strong coffee!

6. Which area of styling do you most enjoy and why?
I am a multidisciplinary stylist, so I enjoy all types of styling as they all enrich my craft. The most impactful is personal styling, because I can see instantly the results in front of me and nothing beats that AHA! moment on my client’s face!

7. Why would you recommend the Intro to Personal Styling short course?
The short course has been developed to show you theory and practical principles of personal styling. During the course you can ask me as many questions as you have - I am there to guide you - and will do my best to advise and support you on your personal journey, whether it's a stepping stone in your career or for personal interest.

Our Personal Styling courses run for three days. To find out when the next Introduction to Personal Styling fashion short course is running, visit the course page or get in touch with one of the team.