Student Support

The Student Services team offer you support throughout your studies across a range of different subjects including financial support, accommodation, bursaries, travel and other personal issues.

The FRA takes mental health and wellbeing very seriously and ensures a range of support mechanisms and services are in place for all students to enable them to access help as and when they need it. Whether there is a specific concern to discuss, or students would like information on a broader topic, our Student Services team is available daily to manage any concerns and offer support. The team has experience working to support with complex issues such as anxiety, mental health illness and low mood, learning difficulties (such as dyslexia, dyspraxia, hearing and speech impediments), stress, depression, eating disorders and problems at home with family, friends and social situations.

Wellbeing 121 Meetings

Each full-time student will benefit from a personal wellbeing meeting with their Wellbeing and Development Coach every half term to offer tailored wellbeing and academic support in conjunction with their personal tutor.  Each group has a dedicated Coach for the entire year to enable them to develop a trusting relationship and talk openly about any concerns to ensure they feel supported to reach their full potential. 

Group Tutorials

A range of academy-wide tutorials take place throughout the year to cover wider topics such as sexual health, drug awareness, alcohol abuse and life skills, including budgeting, time management, organisation and the transition from a traditional school learning environment to the vocational FRA industry-focussed learning style.

Drop-in Sessions

Drop-in sessions run weekly for students to talk to someone outside of their regular meetings for urgent issues that arise, enabling them to quickly discuss a problem without having to wait, avoiding additional anxiety.

As career progression into the Fashion Retail industry is built into all FRA courses, Student Services’ Careers IAG service focuses on supporting students applying to University via UCAS and on progression for students who decide that their future career does not lie in a Fashion Retail/Design environment. For more information on the career services available at the FRA, please click here.

We have a range of financial support options available. Whether you need some help with the cost of travel, living or materials, you can find out more about our bursaries during enrolment and induction or as the need arises (conditions and household income considerations define eligibility). If you have any questions about bursaries before applying, speak to a team member in Applicant Services who can advise you.

For more information on the financial support available for diplomas, please click here.

For more information on the financial support available for degree courses, please click here

The FRA knows that learning from student feedback is very important. Our Quality Assurance & Enrichment staff members facilitate the process through which student's voices are heard. This happens through termly feedback surveys that capture the voice of the learner as a way of making improvements to our offers and celebrating best practices. 

The FRA also has an active student council that works closely with the Principal and Senior Leadership team to act as a student voice and feedback, as well as organising a range of student activities, charity fundraisers and events throughout the year. You can apply for the student council posts during enrolment. 

Attending FRA is not just about studying for a qualification. The Student Services team run a range of enrichment theme days and weeks to help broaden students’ perspectives and knowledge. They also work with charity partners the Retail Trust and the Fashion and Textile Children’s Trust (FTCT) to provide volunteering and fundraising opportunities such as joining the FCTC’s Santa Fun Run Team and helping decorate and hosting at the Retail Trust’s prestigious fundraising balls.

With our onsite restaurant, open access PC, Apple studios and our well-resourced Library and Learning Hub we aim to provide the space and time for students to enjoy themselves and maximise their learning time at the FRA either in their class breaks, or on additional days of the week. We have a range of online and software packages at student's disposal, including Adobe Creative Suite, WSGN, Drapers, Fashion Monitor, Vogue and Edited. For more information about online learning resources, click here

At The Fashion Retail Academy we do not discriminate and recognise the Equality Act 2010. Any student who requires reasonable adjustments or support needs due to any disabilities would be accommodated when declared during the application process. Our SENDCo is the primary contact who will discuss and agree the level and type of support required whilst studying at The Fashion Retail Academy. Reasonable adjustments we have made in the past include, but are not limited to, a sign language interpreter for hard of hearing and deaf students, specialist equipment and support with travel. 

The Additional Learning Support team supports students who need extra help with their studies. This is suitable for students with specific learning difficulties/disabilities or with physical/sensory disabilities, medical issues and social, emotional, behavioural barriers to learning.

It is important that you let us know as early as possible if you have any learning support needs. Declaring support needs will not be a barrier to be offered a place at the FRA. If you want to talk to someone, please call 0207 307 2345 and ask for Student Services.

The Student Services and Wellbeing Manager is the FRA's Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL). Any reported concerns about students' welfare, whether they are legally a child (under 18) or might be considered a vulnerable adult (18 or over) or concerns about a member of staff are dealt with by the DSL.

The DSL is responsible for liaising with external agencies, including social care and health services and the Police in relation to safeguarding concerns. 

Click here to see our Safeguarding Policy.