At the Fashion Retail Academy, we're always looking at new courses and opportunities for our students. We're proud to be collaborating with UK and international retailers to offer Fashion and Retail Apprenticeships.

We offer professional Apprenticeship programmes at Level 2, Level 3, Level 4 and Level 6. They're usually between one and three years long. During this time, you’ll be employed by a fashion and/or retail brand whilst studying with the Fashion Retail Academy to gain an industry-recognised Apprenticeship Standard.

If we don't currently have a live vacancy you're interested in, why not consider one of our full-time courses? All our timetables are structured over two full days a week, so you can continue working part-time whilst you study.  

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In 2020-21, 82% of our apprentices passed their courses with distinction.

If you haven’t found the Apprenticeship vacancy of your interest, please complete the form below. You'll be added to our database, and contacted when we have a vacancy which matches your interests.

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Fashion and Retail Awards is a socially-driven assessment organisation led by retail specialists. Linked with the Fashion Retail Academy, the dual purpose is to provide industry-leading assessment services while raising the standards of the talent pipeline by investing our profits in retail education. Here are a few reasons to use Fara as an end-point assessor;

  • A multitude of expert Assessors
  • An assessment you can trust
  • 100% of Profits go to charity
  • Industry Specialists
  • Flexible Service tailored to you
  • People first approach


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