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Level 4 Fashion Business (with Marketing)

In this varied and wide-ranging one-year course, you’ll learn about what happens in the retail industry at every stage of the process. From the conception of a garment to when it’s purchased by a consumer, you’ll follow the product life cycle from head office to store. The course contains content that’s invaluable to a wide range of roles within the fashion retail industry, giving you fantastic career opportunities. If you’re not quite sure what role you’re looking for yet, this is a great starting point.

Elements included in this course are store management, retail operations as well as consumer profiling and analytics, essential for maximising sales. You’ll explore both the internal and external factors which can influence fashion retailers of today, covering additional areas such as:

  • E-commerce
  • Digital skills
  • Buying
  • Merchandising
  • Visual merchandising

As part of the Level 4 Fashion Business (with Marketing) Diploma course, you’ll also have the chance to undertake a unique three-week placement with a major fashion brand to put your new skills into action in a “real world” setting. This also gives you a real competitive edge when it comes to applying for those graduate roles.

This course is ideal for you if you’re interested in all aspects of fashion retail, particularly the journey of a garment from inception to production and beyond. It’s also suited to those looking to launch their own fashion brand or company; we’ll teach you how to identify market opportunities and target audiences, and how to develop and implement a successful business plan.

Armed with your new knowledge of fashion marketing and business, you might choose to pursue a career in marketing, merchandising, buying, operations or supply chain. The L4 Fashion Marketing Retail and Business course is also a great jumping off point for careers in design, buying or merchandising.

Learn more about your future in fashion retail by clicking here

History and Context of Fashion Retail – How did the fashion industry come to be as it is today? Here you will cover the historical and cultural influences that have affected the industry.

Consumer Behaviour and Marketing – In this unit, you’ll learn how to understand consumer behaviour and how it influences choice, and how businesses and brands can respond to this. You’ll use practical and academic skills to tackle consumer purchase decision behaviour, marketing, branding and how good customer service and quality assurance leads to increased loyalty. You will explore all aspects of marketing, digital marketing, data analytics and branding, helping you understand the significance of the consumer experience across all platforms.

The Fashion Retail Environment – Explore the changing retail environment and current influences on brands. You’ll gain essential knowledge of the structure of retail businesses from a management perspective to maximise the competitiveness, efficiency, and profitability of a brand. You'll examine planning, trading processes and the functions of a head office environment, as well as improving your evaluation and interpretation skills.

Fashion Retail Business Operations and Functions – In this unit, we’ll cover the operational and financial knowledge essential for running a retail brand. You’ll learn all about commercial challenges, how to analyse data to inform strategy, resources and organisational behaviour. To support you to set up your own business, you will analyse a range of data and technologies to inform business choices and to develop competence in the areas of business, management and organisational behaviour.

Preparation for Progression in Fashion Retail – We’ll help you to identify, understand and pursue exciting opportunities when you graduate. On top of this, you’ll hone your teamwork and presentation skills, putting you head and shoulders above the competition.

Fashion Retail Project – Your three-week placement allows you to learn on the job, using all of the skills you gained in the course. This unit concludes with a self-assessment, improving your critical thinking skills.

Speaking of projects, during your time on the Level 4 Fashion Business (with Marketing) Diploma course, you’ll have the opportunity to apply your new skills to an exclusive project set by a well-known brand.

To give you an idea of what this might entail, the most recent industry project included L4 Fashion Business students working with the Diesel brand to create a supportive 360 marketing launch for the ‘Diesel X’ product allowing them to pitch the product to key department stores.

A typical day on the Level 4 Fashion Business (with Marketing) Diploma course will be exciting and diverse to reflect the nature of the industry. You might begin by going to Oxford Street to tour some cutting-edge retail environments and gain inspiration. You’ll explore the store design and layout, promotional activity and customer profiling to help you tackle future projects.


You’ll undertake an invaluable three-week placement with a high street brand. You’ll be given an exclusive insight into the real-world retail environment, providing you with on-the-job skills to help you once the time comes to apply for retail roles. Work placements are full-time for 3 weeks, you will be expected to make your own travel arrangements. 

Graduates from this course have a wide range of opportunities within the fashion retail sector including e-commerce, Marketing, PR, Merchandising, Buying, Allocators, Management Roles and running your own business.


Awarding Body: UAL

Qualification Title: Level 4 Diploma in Fashion Retail

Age Requirement: 18+

Start date: September 6th

Course duration: One year, two days a week

Entry Criteria: 1 A-level (or the equivalent Level 3 qualification) and 5 GCSEs grade C/4 or above, including Maths and English. If you have any non-UK qualifications, please provide us with a NARIC Statement of Comparability, as well as, the IELTS test for English language (our entry requirement is 5.5 overall and in all sections) if you have not studied in the UK or English speaking country.

If necessary, please contact IELTS prior to booking your test to confirm how they are testing during the current pandemic of COVID-19.

Personal Statement: You will need to provide a short statement about yourself and your reason for choosing this course, along with any further information to support your application such as work experience and personal attributes.

Offers: After completing our online form, your application will be processed and you will receive the outcome by post and e-mail within 5-10 working days. If we decide you would benefit from an interview, we will contact you with an invite. Your offer will be based on your predicted grades and is only secure after enrolment.

Fees: If you are 16-18 as of 31st August in the academic year of which your course starts and are a UK resident you will be eligible for full fee remission and do not have to pay any tuition fees.

If you are 19 or over at the start of your course your fees are £4220 per annum. For a full list of course fees please visit our Fees Page. Advanced Learning Loans are available for anyone aged 19 or over. 

Disclaimer on fees: Tuition fees are subject to change - the fees due are effective at enrolment.

Start Date: 6 September, 2021

Half Term: 25-29 October, 2021

Christmas Holiday: 20 December, 2021 - 7 January, 2022

Half Term: 28 March - 8 April, 2022

Last Day of Term: 24 June, 2022

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Meet The Tutor

Meet The Tutor

Helen Farrington, Advanced Practitioner


Helen Farrington studied Art and design at the London College of Fashion and after completion began her career as a designer and pattern cutter.

In a career spanning over 32 years she has been a sales director for two of the UK’s largest importers, working across all areas of clothing and began her own children's wear company in 2007. In 2016 she was awarded the FRA Teacher of The Year Award.



Sadie Bass, Graduated 2017, L4 Fashion Retail, PR Assistant at Arcadia (Miss Selfridge & Burton Menswear).


"I've absolutely loved the FRA, I can't believe in less than a year I've already achieved everything I set out to do. I've learnt so much about the industry and I truly believe doing this course has set me up for the rest of my career, by helping me get my dream job."



Ruby Haider, Graduated 2019, L3 Fashion Retail.


"I absolutely loved the work placement in year 2 of fashion business at FRA. It gave me so much confidence! I never thought I’d suit an office environment but it worked out perfectly. Also trip week to Tokyo is a memory I’ll cherish forever. I think FRA has amazing links to the industry, and they’re really available to students there which is great. Other places don’t have that."

Meet the Marketing Manager

Meet the Marketing Manager


Stefanie Hutton, Head of PR & Advertising, Russell & Bromley Ltd.


"PR is a very exciting world to work in, it seems to naturally suit my enthusiasm and curiosity for people and places. I’m fortunate enough to be able to travel the world with a great team of creative and talented people whether it’s designing product and advising on trends All the way to building an advertising campaign. PR can take a lot of energy and multi tasking but gaining insight into what excites people and how to reach that is always stimulating! Now with so many channels of communication and digital growth, PR is evolving which is even more motivating and means strategies can be richer and more diverse. Communication, contacts and educating yourself on any topic or target are key but natural passion and drive are above and beyond the most important things."