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Fashion Business, Marketing & Communication

Kickstart your career in fashion with an accelerated two-year undergraduate degree or specialist Level 4 diploma at the Fashion Retail Academy.

Combine your creative mindset with analytical skills by studying fashion business, marketing and communications. All our courses are developed alongside our industry partners, so we’ll teach you the in-demand skills brands are looking for and supercharge your career into fashion retail.

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Our Courses

When you study one of our accelerated, two-year undergraduate courses, you'll save time and money compared to a traditional degree. We teach over three semesters a year instead of two, meaning you'll graduate a year earlier than your peers whilst studying a full degree programme. Or choose one of our fully-funded Level 4 diplomas and be ready for an entry-level role in fashion in just one year.

All of our courses have unparalleled industry enrichment included, ranging from masterclasses to mentoring and work placements, so you'll have the opportunity to build industry contacts ahead of employment. 

If you're under 18 and haven't studied a Level 3 course such as A-Levels or a diploma, you're eligible for our College Courses. These are perfect preparation for further study on a Level 4 or Undergraduate course.

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