Joey - L4 Fast Track Buying & Merchandising Diploma Graduate

Joey - L4 Fast Track Buying & Merchandising Diploma Graduate image


We spoke to Joey about his experience during the Level 4 Fast Track Buying & Merchandising Diploma and what he's been up to since!

I enrolled in the Fast Track Level 4 Buying and Merchandising Diploma course, which lasted 6 months and included an industry at a top brand. My experience was incredible. With the course being two days a week it enabled me to effectively balance study and personal life whilst still working part time. The course covers all aspects of both Buying and Merchandising allowing you to decide along the way which area you may want to go into after the course is complete.

For me both the location and the subject tutors were most beneficial throughout the course. With the location being in central London just off Oxford Street, the ability to go out and Comp shop, speak to retailers, see key trends and get out of your comfort zone is right there.

Also, the tutors for each subject are fantastic with all practical experience in the retail and fashion industry. They give real life insight into each detail of their subjects and really go above and beyond to ensure you get the full experience.

My favourite part about the course was the ability to complete assignments with your own chosen examples and subjects. This means if you are extremely passionate about a certain genre of fashion, for example streetwear or tailoring, you can really expand into that throughout the course whilst still gaining further knowledge on other areas of the industry.

At the FRA, my photoshop, presentation, research and analysis skills were developed and perfected, allowing me to be ready to take on each task which comes my way. Whether it be researching for a new expansion area, assessing competitors or seeking to progress in my current role. I am currently in head office working at River Island as a Buying Admin Assistant. The work placement during my course also helped me to understand the head office environment well and helped me to settle in quickly when starting my first role after the course.

My advice would be to take every opportunity that is given to you at FRA. The course flies by so quickly and before you know it you’re ready to start a career in fashion. Taking every opportunity provided allowed me to really get the most of the course and be fully prepared for working in the fashion industry.

My last piece of advise would be to talk to past students about FRA, if you are weighing your the decision of enrolling. After speaking to previous students and close friends who all had such great positive experiences I decided to take the leap into fashion and haven’t regretted it since. 

Level 4 Fast Track Buying & Merchandising 

The Level 4 Fast Track Buying & Merchandising Diploma is a 22 week course designed to get you straight into Industry in your dream head office role. The course is delivered 2 days a week allowing you to continue with a part time job or additional time to research the Industry. Applications for the Level 4 Fast Track Buying or Merchandising course are still open for September 2020. Click here to learn more.