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28th June 2024

We're proud of the amazing accomplishments our students and graduates achieve, both during their time at the Fashion Retail Academy and after their graduation.

Jessica, who studied BA (Hons) Buying & Merchandising at the Fashion Retail Academy, tells us all about her experience and why she thinks the FRA is so special.

"I chose to study the BA (Hons) Buying and Merchandising accelerated degree course at the FRA so I could gain industry exposure whilst specializing in an area of the fashion industry which interested me. My degree offered me insight into many topics from range planning, data analytics and sustainability to marketing and promotional strategies. Studying only two days a week allowed me to work full time too, so I was able to use what I learnt at the FRA in my tasks at my work.  

I had the opportunity to join Student Council as Vice President and we were able to organize social events for the whole year group. We hosted Halloween after hours drinks, various lunches and a summer showcase for our work to be exhibited.  

I was given a mentor in my first year who followed my FRA journey - she was the Head of Buying at Urban Outfitters. I was able to sit in fit sessions, help with sample picking and visit the office as frequently as I wanted. She would help me with my assignments and give me a real-life industry perspective which boosted my research skills. 

I was also offered the chance to do a 3-week or 3-month work placement at a chosen retailer. I chose the 3-month option as it worked best alongside my job. I was working with the buying team and uploading my very own online sales on the company website. This is an opportunity I wouldn't get anywhere else.  

This accelerated degree has given me a chance to complete my degree quicker than most. I've been invited to sustainability conferences, fashion award events and even presented my work to industry leaders as well as much more. It was overall a life-changing experience that has made a lot happen for me."

Jessica studied BA (Hons) Buying & Merchandising with us at the Fashion Retail Academy, a 2-year accelerated degree

You'll be taught over two full days a week, so you can continue working part-time whilst you study. With an accelerated 2-year degree, you'll complete three semesters per academic year instead of two, meaning that you'll graduate and start your career earlier than your peers. Find out more about our degrees here.

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