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Online Courses Launching in September 2022


9th June 2022

Now you can study at the Fashion Retail Academy from the comfort of your own home, wherever you are in the world!

We’re excited to launch our brand new online courses in Data Analytics, UX/UI Design and Buying & Merchandising. We’ve developed these courses alongside our brand partners to fill skills gaps in the fashion industry, making sure our graduates are ready to work in the job roles of the future.

The flexible timetable structure means you can conveniently fit your learning around your other commitments. There’s just one compulsory live lesson one evening a week, alongside optional sessions and an average of six hours of independent study. This means you can continue working full- or part-time whilst you study the in-demand skills brands are looking for.

The optional sessions give you access to lots of extra support from your tutor, the library and online learning assistants. You’ll also have themed discussion forums twice a month, and access to our FRACareers service to help you with your onward progression.

As a student at the Fashion Retail Academy, you’ll benefit from our 140 fashion brand partnerships. You’ll have masterclasses from our Visiting Industry Experts, and complete projects set by brands. We’ll also assign you a mentor who currently works in the industry, who’ll give you help and advice about your career journey.

You’ll also have up to three weeks of remote industry experience included in your course. This can be full-time or part-time, depending on your current commitments. This will provide a valuable boost to your CV and help you develop your professional network.


Buying & Merchandising is a 36-week course. You’ll learn how the teams work together to plan and trade a successful fashion season. We’ll teach you how to understand consumers, spot trends and make the right strategic decisions for a successful business. You’ll master the techniques for selecting bestselling products and buying them in the right quantities, making sure everything arrives in stores at the right time to maximise sales and profits.

You’ll finish the course ready for an entry-level job in industry. There is particular demand in the industry at the moment for entry-level merchandisers, with opportunities for rapid progression for strong candidates.

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Data Analytics for Retail is a 36-week course endorsed by M&S.

As a data analyst, you’ll work at the heart of a business, alongside many different departments including buying, sustainability and operations management. You’ll play a significant part in influencing the future direction of a brand. We’ll teach you to develop creative solutions to challenges and identify new opportunities for brands. You’ll learn the principles of data preparation, management and analysis.

Throughout your studies, you’ll use industry datasets and case studies to investigate and solve real-life scenarios. You’ll complete the course with a thorough understanding of data analysis within fashion, ready for an entry-level role in the industry - where skilled data analysts are in high demand.

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UX/UI Design is a 26-week course, developed in collaboration with ASOS.

You’ll master the key skills of User Experience and User Interface design, learning how to make customers’ experiences with a brand easy and intuitive. We’ll teach you how customers engage with a business, and how more useable products can improve a brand’s image and encourage customer loyalty. You’ll master the practical skills you need to build user interfaces like websites and apps.

During your final project, you’ll create a professional digital portfolio to support you on your next step in an exciting career at the cutting edge of the fashion industry.

You can sign up for our online courses now!

If you'd like more information about our courses and all the exciting career options available in the fashion industry, please email our friendly Applicant Services team at or call us on 0300 247 0039. We're always happy to help!

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