When can I enrol for my course?

You’ll complete your enrolment at the Fashion Retail Academy online. You can only enrol if you hold an offer to study one of our courses for the new academic year.   

The enrolment process is slightly different depending on whether you hold an unconditional or conditional offer. For more information about how and when you can enrol, see our Enrolment page.

I am away during enrolment. What should I do?

Enrolment is online so you can do it remotely if you have an internet connection and the correct documents with you.

Your compulsory Academic Transition Day will be at the beginning of September at the FRA. We'll send you an email before enrolment begins with key dates for your calendar. 

If you are concerned, please call Applicant Services on 0300 247 0039

What will my timetable be and when will I get my timetable?

We will send you your FRA login information after you've enrolled. Before the start of term, we'll send your timetable to your FRA account by the end of August.

For more information about enrolling at the FRA, see our Enrolment page.

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