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Is a Career in Fashion Marketing Right for You?


1st January 2017

If you’ve wanted to work in fashion since you first wore clothes, or it’s an interest that’s evolved over time, there are so many ways you can apply your individual skills and talents to the fast-paced and ever-changing world of fashion. 

What many people don’t realise about a career in the fashion industry is just how many diverse options are available to them. If you’ve got your finger on the pulse of the latest news, you might want to pursue a career in fashion marketing and social media. 

At the Fashion Retail Academy, all our courses are designed alongside our industry partners to help our graduates secure the best jobs in industry. If you decide you want to work in the field of marketing, we have a Level 4 Digital Marketing diploma and a BA (Hons) Marketing & Communications for Fashion undergraduate degree that offer the perfect place to start. 

What does a career in fashion marketing involve? 

Marketing is where fashion and business intersect. It’s one of the most important aspects of fashion – without it, the end products wouldn’t sell!  

The fundamental purpose of marketing is to promote and raise awareness. All the hard work put in by the design and manufacturing teams first meets consumers through advertising campaigns, content or social media. It’s where the finished item or range that product designers have worked on finally comes to market. 

The products must be positioned perfectly and make the right impact in the process. A career in fashion marketing involves creating strategies that communicate the core values of a brand or fashion house to customers, drive sales and boost revenue. Those who work in marketing are also responsible for tracking consumer trends and habits to inform their decisions.  

A fashion marketing role might also include social media management, content creation, analytics and advertising. Common job titles in fashion marketing include: 

  • Marketing Manager 
  • Marketing Assistant 
  • Market Research Analyst 
  • Sales Manager 

Many people start their fashion marketing career as an intern or assistant and then work their way up. The average salary for someone working in marketing is around £35k in the UK, and £46,000 in London 

Why should you consider a career in fashion marketing?  

Firstly, products always need to be marketed in the fashion industry, so you can be assured that it’s a stable career. Secondly, fashion marketing can sometimes be challenging, it’s a great way to exercise your creativity and business skills. It’s highly satisfying work where you can see the direct impact of your efforts on the success of a fashion collection. 

What kind of skills do I need to get into fashion marketing? 

Working as a designer or visual merchandiser clearly relies a lot upon your visionary talent, and your ability to understand the latest trends and interpret them in a unique way. But a career in fashion marketing requires all of this – and a lot more!  

fashion marketing career skills

It’s a job that requires you to be strong across several different fields, rather than focusing all your strength on one area. To become a successful fashion marketer, you’ll need to have: 

1. A good head for business 

One of the most important qualities you need to succeed in fashion marketing is a business-savvy mindset. You’ll need to be able to understand and create sales and marketing strategies that convince consumers that you're the brand to spend their money with.  Marketing involves a lot of analysing metrics and results to decipher what worked and what didn’t, allowing you to strategically apply these learnings to consequent efforts. 

2. Creativity 

All the best marketers fuse this logical business approach with a generous burst of creativity. There’s more to marketing than just strategy and analytics. In order to come up with a marketing campaign for a brand, you’re going to need to use your creative ideas!  

What’s going to capture the attention of your target audience? What tone of voice should you use? How do you talk to them across various digital marketing channels, and how can you stand out in the extremely competitive fashion industry? All these challenges require thinking on your feet, originality and the courage to go outside of the box. 

3. A good work ethic 

Like many careers in the fashion industry, fashion marketing can be highly competitive. To land the job, you’ll need to go the extra mile to prove you’re the right choice for the role. Show you’re serious about a career in marketing by having a fashion blog or other relevant extra-curricular activities. When you secure your dream role, if you work hard to keep up with the pace, you’ll be very successful! 

fashion marketing career path job progression

4. Curiosity 

You need to be hungry for information, an early adopter of new trends and always have your finger on the pulse of what’s happening in the fashion world. Fashion is closely fused with other industries like music, celebrities and the arts, so an interest in current affairs and pop culture will help inform your work and make you stand out. 

5. A human touch 

You need to be personable, because people don’t want to feel like they’re being sold to! You need to come up with strategic ways to position your product without alienating or irritating your target audience. This is an underrated skill that is very important in digital marketing. 

Does this sound like you? 

Before you go applying for those exciting fashion marketing roles, it’s worth really taking the time to evaluate whether it’s the right role for you. What does it take to succeed in a fashion marketing career? 

According to Patrice Batson, Marketing Manager at Elle, the most important trait you need to get ahead in fashion marketing is curiosity. “Curiosity will help you to gather knowledge that makes a product better or launch a new fashion campaign.” 

She also has some unusual advice for prospective marketers: “I find that people who have the most ridiculous ideas make the best marketers. These kinds of people think outside the box and don’t care if their ideas get laughed off the table because once you’re done laughing, they’ve already thought of a new idea for you to consider.” Tenacity, as well as fearless thinking, are important in marketing roles. Don’t be afraid to suggest slightly unorthodox strategies; every great idea must start somewhere.  

Sophie Lockard, Marketing Manager at, thinks the most important thing is staying up-to-date. “Anyone who can show they have a sound knowledge of social channels will definitely set themselves apart. If you have a fashion blog that will help too, as it shows you have a committed interest in fashion.” Those extracurricular activities give an employer a great place to see your writing and marketing skills in action. And it shows them that fashion is an important part of your life! 

So, how do I get into fashion marketing? 

Like most careers in the fashion industry, fashion marketing can be a competitive field. A qualification or degree in a relevant field will set you apart from applicants. 

At the Fashion Retail Academy, our diverse range of courses are specially designed alongside our industry partners. They teach you the specific skills you’ll need to succeed in your chosen area of the fashion industry. For example, we live in a world that’s becoming more and more digital, and there is huge demand within the fashion industry for graduates with digital skills. Our highly specialised courses are designed to help you gain employment; 88% of our students are in employment or further study within 6 months of completing their course. 

For a career in fashion marketing, our Level 4 Digital Marketing diploma course will get you qualified for an entry-level role in the industry in just one year. You could also study our BA (Hons) in Marketing & Communications for Fashion undergraduate degree. Our degree programmes are condensed over two years, saving you time and money, and getting you into the industry faster than your peers at traditional universities.  

Our courses also include a hugely beneficial three-week industry placement to give your practical experience, boosting your CV. 

If you have any more questions about any of the courses on offer at the Fashion Retail Academy, send us an email at We’d love to hear from you! 

Updated: 6 December 2021 

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