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Why You Should Choose The FRA


10th April 2024

The Fashion Retail Academy isn’t like other universities. We are an industry-led fashion college based in the heart of London. Our courses are designed in collaboration with industry to ensure that you graduate with the skills and knowledge you need for a successful career in fashion. We work with over 140 brand partners to give you unrivalled industry enrichment on all of our degree programmes:

BA (Hons) Fashion Business

BA (Hons) Buying & Merchandising

BA (Hons) Marketing & Communications for Fashion

BA (Hons) Fashion Communication & Styling

We'll be moving to our new campus in September 2024! Electra House is twice the size of our current campus, with bigger and better facilities including photography studios, digital suites and a degree student "speakeasy". Click here to find out more.

Here are ten of the reasons why the FRA is the best place to start your career in fashion. 

1. Study 2 days per week: All of our timetables are structured over two full days per week (9-5:30), so that you have time to complete projects, take part in internships or work placement opportunities, or work alongside your studies.

"Studying only two days a week allowed me to work full time, so I was able to use what I learnt at the FRA in my tasks at my work." - Jessica, BA (Hons) Buying & Merchandising

2. Gain experience with fashion’s biggest brands: We work with over 140 of the industry’s brands, through projects, talks and masterclasses, giving your CV a boost before you've even graduated.

"Studying Fashion Business meant that I have an insight into everything, so when ASOS came in for the Assessment Centre, I was able to have great conversations with the recruiters because I understood all the different departments inside ASOS." – Sophie, BA (Hons) Fashion Business 

3. Accelerated two-year degrees saving you time and money: Our accelerated degrees are taught over three teaching semesters per year instead of the traditional two. You’ll learn the same academic content as a three-year course, while paying less in tuition fees and graduating a year earlier than your peers. 

"This accelerated degree has given me a chance to complete my degree quicker than most. I've been invited to sustainability conferences, fashion award events and even presented my work to industry leaders as well as much more. It was overall a life-changing experience that has made a lot happen for me." - Jessica, BA (Hons) Buying & Merchandising

4. Work with an industry mentor throughout your course: You can apply to the industry mentorship programme and work with someone currently in the industry. You’ll meet a minimum of once a term, and they’ll be there to support and guide you, giving you advice and tips on your work and your career goals. 

"My industry mentor has helped me build my CV and offered me a lot of feedback on my thoughts. He's been super helpful and I really, really recommend getting involved in the programme in order to make the most out of your degree and to find out firsthand industry knowledge." - Robert, BA (Hons) Marketing & Communications for Fashion

5. Complete work placements ranging from 3 weeks to 3 months: As part of our undergraduate programmes, you’ll have a work placement with one of our partners each year. In your first year, you’ll complete a three-week work placement. In your second year, your work placement will be either 3 weeks full time or two days per week over 3 months. 

"I was also offered the chance to do a 3-week or 3-month work placement at a chosen retailer. I chose the 3-month option as it worked best alongside my job. I was working with the buying team and uploading my very own online sales on the company website. This is an opportunity I wouldn't get anywhere else." - Jessica, BA (Hons) Buying & Merchandising 

6. Build your industry network: Meet like-minded students and make connections with industry through talks, placements and mentorships as part of your course. You'll get real-time feedback from industry experts on your projects, and the chance to ask them questions about their roles and the industry.

"The Fashion Retail Academy's extensive links with the fashion industry are one of the best parts of the Buying & Merchandising course. They've given me the confidence that when I graduate I'll be completely ready for a job!" - Atinuke, BA (Hons) Buying & Merchandising 

"I really loved the connections I made, not only with my peers but with my tutors too! Going to the Fashion Retail Academy has given me industry experience that has definitely helped me prepare for the future." - Aisha, BA (Hons) Marketing & Communications for Fashion

7. Courses taught by industry professionals: Our courses are taught by lecturers who have been, and often still work in the industry, meaning that they can bring their personal experience with industry to the classroom. 

"You’re learning from people that are either working in the industry whilst teaching you or have been in the industry and are teaching you everything that you need to know." - Graziella, BA (Hons) Buying & Merchandising

8. No exams! You’ll be assessed entirely by coursework and projects: You’ll be assessed by coursework and projects throughout your course. 

"I chose the FRA because it was 100% coursework based and it meant I didn’t need to take any more exams. I didn’t enjoy an exam environment, so when I found out the FRA offered 100% course work based courses I knew that was the right option for me." - Megan, BA (Hons) Marketing & Communications for Fashion

9. Courses developed in collaboration with industry: Our courses are designed with our industry partners. Combined with industry enrichment, this means that you learn the skills and knowledge that are actively looking for, giving you the best possible start to your career.

"My time at the Fashion Retail Academy has been extremely valuable to me. What sets the Academy apart from the rest is the industry connections: from industry mentors, work placements, job and intern opportunities. Without these, I wouldn’t have had the skills, experience or confidence needed to be in industry." - Abbie, BA (Hons) Marketing & Communication for Fashion

10. Join our inclusive fashion student community: Meet likeminded students with shared interests and passions and start to build your fashion network.

"I can’t quite believe how much fun I’ve had studying at the Fashion Retail Academy. I’ve met some incredible people and progressed my knowledge and skill set more than I’d imagined possible." - Margaret, BA (Hons) Buying & Merchandising

To find out more about all of our degree programmes, click here

If you'd like to speak to a member of our team about any of our courses, please contact Applicant Services on or call 020 7307 2345.

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