Outreach Hub

Welcome to the Fashion Retail Academy's Outreach Hub

Our resources can be used to help your school or college meet the Gatsby benchmarks:

Learning from career and labour market information & encounters with further and higher education - We have put together PowerPoints which you can use to complete workshops for each course.

Encounters with employers and employees & experiences of workplaces - There are also videos, testimonials, and career journeys of various people in the industry.

Addressing the needs of each pupil - You will find below some independent creative projects for fashion retail and design which your students can complete over the summer. There are also some links to fashion industry news sites and virtual fashion collections that you and your students can explore. We’ve also created an engaging interactive game for students to enjoy about the different careers on offer in the fashion industry.

As a school, we know it can be challenging to support all of your students with information about the wide and varied career paths available to them. Our primary goal is to support our schools network with in-person visits but as we are unable to do that at the moment we have provided this range of materials instead. This page contains a wealth of information and support, so you can offer bespoke IAG to your pupils who are interested in progressing into one of the many specialist careers available in Fashion Retail.

Pick, choose and download whichever sections are most relevant to your students; the most popular is our 'Careers in fashion retail' presentation which offers a broad overview of fashion career paths. You can add more content to this or any of the PowerPoints, such as specific course show reels, information from current and past students as well as careers advice from Industry professionals - simply embed the YouTube videos into the presentation of your choice wherever you feel is most suitable for your audience. Each subject also has an interactive workshop you can use to engage your students and we have devised a fun quiz to help determine which is the right career choice for them. All of these materials are designed to enhance your careers support as part of lesson plans.

Schools visits are suspended currently however we hope to resume them soon. If you would like to request a workshop, attendance at a careers fair or assembly, please email events@fra.ac.uk to be added to our database. Please let us know as much information as possible such as dates (if you have them), number of pupils present, year group and preferred type of activity. We hope to start running events again from January.

We also run a Fashion & Business Saturday Club supported by the British Fashion Council. This is a free programme for young people aged 13-16. To find out more, click here.