Welcome to the Fashion Retail Academy’s Virtual Degree show 2020. By showcasing the students’ work we celebrate their achievements and demonstrate their abilities and their suitability for employment within the Fashion Industry.

The main work exhibited by each student is the final assignment of their studies – their Major Project. This is an independent piece of work; the subject and direction of the project is chosen and driven by the student reflecting their own unique perspective on the industry and their learning about the industry from their studies. In addition students have included their CV and examples of other work they have completed during their time at the FRA.

The degree programmes at the FRA have been ‘designed by the industry for the industry’ and as such offer students targeted and industry relevant learning. Importantly we prepare students for careers in the future fashion industry. In addition to learning about what is happening in the industry now, they learn to challenge, to look for improvements and identify new opportunities and ways of doing business in the fashion retail industry.

Navigating the show

The subjects discussed by the students in their projects cover a wide spectrum of the fashion retail sector and the factors that affect it. To aid your browsing you can filter by course, project topic or featured students.

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A huge well done to all the students at the Fashion Retail Academy - I had the pleasure of listening to all your amazing final presentations.. All of you worked so hard, some great concepts and I was so impressed I even sent an idea over to the team @ ASOS  - Fashion really is in safe hands! 

Daniel Najor CEO of CHI CHI

Our Courses

BA ( Hons) Business Management for Fashion

The Business Management for Fashion degree enables students to learn about the fashion industry and the different functions and ways of doing business that exist within it. The course covers all aspects of the fashion industry, including: Product Development, Management and Leadership, Retail Management, Business Economics, Entrepreneurship and Innovation.

The BA (Hons) in Business Management for Fashion appeals to those who want a management and organisational role within the fashion industry or want to set up and run your own business.

Students on this course are confident in leading and managing projects and people. They have strong analytical skills and an eye for detail. 

BA (Hons) Buying and Merchandising for Fashion

The BA(Hons) Buying and Merchandising for Fashion degree teaches students how to develop, plan and manage product ranges. They study the principles of both buying and merchandising, range planning, sourcing, trading, supply chain management as well as about the factors that affect the decision making of buyers and merchandisers. They learn about the whole supply chain from product concept to consumer and are introduced to the art and science of buying and merchandising, how to use the tools and techniques that determine what to buy and when to buy it. Importantly they have learned how the roles have changed and continue to change and have acquired the hard and soft skills needed to be part of the evolution of these roles. 

BA( Hons) Marketing and Communications for Fashion

The BA (Hons) in Marketing & Communications offers a comprehensive and in depth insight into the many different aspects of marketing in the fashion industry. Students have gained a deep understanding of current best practice to ensure your success in a future marketing role within the fashion industry on graduation.

The marketing and communication students understand the theory that underpins marketing principles and strategies and can apply to real life industry scenarios. They have developed the technical skills and aesthetic understanding to ensure they can produce, communicate and implement an effective and unique marketing proposition. These students enjoy to identifying opportunities and creating solutions. They are creative, analytical and have an interest in people and what motivates them. 

Class of 2020

This year students have achieved their degree through the additional challenge of the Covid 19 lockdown. Classes at the FRA continued online and assessments remained unchanged. Students continued their studies despite the challenges of working online and the uncertainties of the situation. They have been amazing and resilient in their response to these challenges – further evidence that these students are exceptional and unique.