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AMP2 Equality & Diversity Forum Relaunched for 2022


31st January 2022

Here at the Fashion Retail Academy, we’re committed to creating an environment of inclusivity and openness. We want to help develop leaders of the future who are champions of diversity, allies in change and lead through their actions. Following the success of last year, we’re excited to be relaunching our Amp2 Initiative for 2022!

The first step in authentic action is to listen and learn. As an Academy, we want to collectively raise our consciousness and accountability by listening harder.

Last year, we create our Amp2 initiative to lead the transformation at the Fashion Retail Academy. We want to make change happen, by consulting with our students, colleagues and communities to improve equality and diversity throughout the academy. Amp2 amplifies the voices and talents of our students and staff dampened by discrimination or invisible disadvantages, in all forms.

Amp2 is an action-led forum: it’s an open-minded, safe space, where ambassadors can participate in empowering and non-judgemental discussions. ​The student and staff alliance is devoted to valuing, respecting and celebrating our differences and challenging each other for a more inclusive future. Recommendations from the forum meetings are used by our leadership teams to drive change at the Academy.

Amp2 are committed to making a conscious effort regarding the inclusion of different people, perspectives and experiences within the FRA and the wider fashion industry - until that effort no longer needs to be conscious.

Amp2 aims to:

  • Create a forum made up of diverse voices who are champions of diversity, allies in change and lead through their actions.
  • Amplify the voices of the FRA community and listen harder in order to collectively raise our consciousness and accountability ​
  • Make formal recommendations that will create actions that we take and pledges that we make to contribute to FRA success​
  • Establish a growth space that encourages learning, development, brave discussions and questions without judgement ​

We’d love to encourage people across the Academy to join, including students, staff and governors. If you’re currently studying at the Fashion Retail Academy, joining Amp2 is your chance to make a difference and inform the future direction of the Academy. It’s also an opportunity to listen and learn from your peers in the community, and start making changes in society as a whole.

As a Student Rep, you’ll also have the chance to work on the Amp2 Newsletter. This provides updates for the entire FRA community on the Amp2 initiative, and a range of accessible sources for readers to explore. ​

Amp2 is always looking to welcome new faces and perspectives. The forum will meet once a term, starting in February 2022. If you have something you’d like to share, or just want to join the conversation, sign up and become a Student Representative for 2022!

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