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How to Apply to the FRA Through UCAS


18th December 2020

If the idea of applying for your chosen degree through UCAS fills you with fear, relax and follow our step by step guide to complete your application.


The first thing to do is to visit and register with Apply, their online portal. All you need to do is create a password, and Apply will then generate a username for you. 

Use these details to login and fill in more details about your application. These will include personal details such as your email and mailing address, education and employment details, and which course from the FRA you’ve chosen to apply for. Always mark the correct year of entry. A checklist on the left of the page helps you to keep track of your progress; red ticks will show next to the sections you’ve marked as complete.

Personal Statement and References

As part of your application to us, you’ll be expected to attach a personal statement. This is can be up to 500 words written in your own style. When putting together your personal statement, think about your previous experience, your ambitions, skills and what you’d like to get out of the course.

To help you write your personal statement, UCAS have put together a web tool where you simply answer the questions they have provided. The tool has been created to help you think about the most important things to include and how to structure it, including how many characters you’ve used. Once you have answered all the questions in each section you can download it as a PDF. To access the tool, click here.

UCAS advises that you write your personal statement first and paste it into your online application once you have finished.

The next section is to fill out your references. If you're applying straight from school or college, ask a tutor or teacher to write your reference. Those applying independently should provide the details of one contact who is able to report on your suitability for the course. If your referee is not sure how to write your reference send them this UCAS guide on writing an undergraduate reference. If you are applying straight from school or college, UCAS will send an email directly to your teacher with instructions.


You're almost there! When you've filled in all of the sections and feel confident with your application, click "view all details." Have a good look over the entirety of your application and keep an eye out for any errors or spelling mistakes. When you're ready to submit, mark this section as complete.

All that's left to do now is to read, sign the declaration and pay. A single application costs £13, whilst multiple cost £24 if you are applying independently. Once you've clicked "make payment," your application will be sent to UCAS (arriving at your school or college first for them to add the reference if you are coming straight from school or college).

The FRA will view your application on UCAS and contact you with our decision. Still have questions? Learn more about applying through UCAS.

Still not decided which degree to apply for?

Fashion Retail Academy degrees are different from the norm. We run specialist, two year accelerated degrees, exclusive to the FRA, to get you into the fashion industry as quickly as possible, as well as one traditionally structured degree. We don’t schedule seminars and lessons throughout the week but instead condense your onsite learning to two full days, enabling you to work part-time alongside. Because our courses are a third less time, you will have three semesters rather than two and forego an Easter break.

Working with over 140 fashion brands, our programmes benefit from continuous industry input. Each degree student will have a three-week industry experience each year, alongside a personal mentor to support them through their studies.  We work with our partners to set real time industry challenges and projects to ensure you can apply your academic knowledge to current industry issues.  On graduation you will go through an assessment centre to ensure you are job ready for your next move.  The result of all of this hard work speaks for itself – over 80% of our graduates have gone on to industry job roles

Find out about our specialist degrees below:


If you consider yourself to be a bit of an entrepreneur, this course is ideal for you. It covers multiple aspects of the business side of fashion. We will delve into topics such as data and analytics, brand management, business economics and product development, giving you a comprehensive overview of the industry.

New and improved business models are essential to keep brands competitive and developing at the same pace as emerging technologies. This course has been created to provide you with future-proofed economic skills to help devise these agile strategies and succeed in competitive management roles or within your own start up business. You'll learn how to analyse and cope with trading environments as we cover key areas like consumer behaviour, product development, and globalisation.

With its broad breadth of knowledge, the general nature of this accelerated degree means you’ll be ideally placed to apply for a wide range of job roles in areas such as analytics, digital and technology, strategy, supply chain management, logistics or your own small business.

Find out more about our BA (Hons) Business Management for Fashion.

BA (Hons) Marketing & Communications for Fashion

Marketing is a broad and ever-developing sector of the fashion retail industry, making it a wise career choice. Those in the marketing and communications field are essentially responsible for making sure a garment sells, both in-store and online. This takes into account the brand website, social media channels, advertising and the way the brand speaks to its customers. If your skills span both business and creative aptitudes, then marketing and communications might be the right choice for you.

This two-year course will equip you with the vocational and academic knowledge you’ll need to succeed, covering fundamental disciplines such as creative digital skills, visual communications and promotion and PR. Upon graduation, you might choose to apply for roles in blogosphere and influencer marketing, social media, digital marketing or promotion and PR.

Find out more about our BA (Hons) in Marketing & Communications for Fashion.

BA (Hons) Buying & Merchandising for Fashion

Fashion buyers and merchandisers are involved in every stage of a garment’s life-cycle – from the initial idea, to its eventual purchase by a consumer. This makes buying and merchandising a fascinating and challenging career choice. To succeed, you’ll need strong analytical skills, as well as a sound knowledge of consumer buying behaviours and the commercial landscape. You’ll need to keep on top of all current trends and competitors, and able to understand data to devise merchandising strategy.

This degree aims to equip you with these essential skills – and more. Buying and merchandising work hand in hand, so this course will thoroughly prepare you for progression in either area.

We'll focus on how online shopping and mobile browsing have impacted the fashion retail landscape, as well as taking you through the identification of seasonal trends and how to reduce the risk of buying decisions. At the conclusion of the course, you'll be competitively placed to apply for positions such as Buying Admin Assistant, Allocator or Online Assistant Merchandiser.

Find out more about our BA (Hons) in Buying & Merchandising for Fashion.


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