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What is Fashion Vlogging and How Has it Impacted the Industry?


3rd August 2023

With the online community and video-focused social media platforms continuing to grow, fashion vlogging has become an increasingly popular form of content. Whether it's a side-hustle or full time job, fashion vlogging takes a lot of time and work to perfect, but if done well, can be a powerful way of connecting to an audience. Keep reading to discover what fashion vlogging is and how it has impacted the industry.

What is Fashion Vlogging?

A vlog (also known as a video blog or video log) is a form of blog which is done through the medium of video. Vlogs are often live-streamed or posted on social media platforms such as Instagram, TikTok and YouTube. 

Fashion vlogging specifically refers to videos relating to anything associated with fashion. Fashion vloggers will talk about everything from the latest trends to showing off their own recent purchases. While some vloggers are simply in it for their love of fashion, others will translate it into a career as an influencer.

What do Fashion Vloggers Create Videos About?

Style Tips

Many vloggers do ‘how to’ videos, where they break down how to style a particular look, or demonstrate the best way to master certain fashion techniques. This could be how to accessorise your clothing to make it feel more 'you', or information about key staple pieces for certain aesthetics. 

Haul Videos

One of the most popular content pieces are shopping hauls, where the vlogger shows off all their recent purchases. Often the vlogger will go into detail about the cost of the items, what they like or dislike about the product, and their experiences while at the shop/their online purchasing experience. 


Vloggers also create content about the best fashion hacks, with handy tricks such as fixing tight jeans with an elastic hairband and removing stains from white tops. 

Outfit Ideas

Simple yet effective, vlogs on outfit ideas are a firm favourite within the space. Whether it’s summer items you can wear in winter, or everyday work outfit ideas - these vlogs are always popular among viewers.

The Benefits of Fashion Vlogging

Videos can be very impactful, and often lead to higher conversion and retention rates in comparison to other forms of content. Consumers are more likely to be engaged by watching and listening to someone speak than they would be by reading a long article describing a piece of clothing.

Vloggers can create a personal relationship with their viewers, which helps to build trust. They are relatable to their audience, and gain a following of subscribers who all feel an affinity with the vlogger. This emotional bond means consumers are more likely to support them and buy the products they recommend.

Vlogs typically last around 4 - 5 minutes, which gives viewers access to a wider range of information without it taking out too much time out of their day. It allows the audience to relax and soak up the content, and they can even listen to the vlog while they get ready for work.

How Fashion Brands Use Social Media

Brand marketing has seen a shift over the last decade, with social media now playing a crucial role in advertising. The likes of Instagram and TikTok have become hotspots for promoting brands and products, which is where influencers come in.

Influencers are people who use their social media platform in order to endorse products for a profit, and this is often done in the form of a vlog. Influencing has risen in popularity over the last few years, moving further into the mainstream, with many opting for it as a full-time career. 

Fashion brands use this to their advantage, working with influencers who have significant social media followings in order to promote their products. Often termed as a ‘collaboration’, this means that fashion brands can target a wider audience that they might be otherwise unable to reach. 

Brands need to be selective when choosing their influencer, and it should be someone who is a good fit for the brand and target audience. For example, if the brand promotes sustainable clothing, it's a good idea to work with an influencer who promotes ethical fashion in their videos. 

Although vlogging can be a form of influencer marketing, it’s also important to note that not all vloggers want to work with brands, and some just want to keep doing their videos without any type of promotion. 

What is the Difference Between Fashion Vlogging and Blogging?

Fashion vlogging and fashion blogging primarily differ due to the medium in which they’re presented. A blogger will write content for a website, which is frequently updated with new entries and images. 

Vloggers, on the other hand, create videos that would generally appear on platforms like YouTube and Instagram rather than being posted on a website. Fashion vlogging and fashion blogging aren’t mutually exclusive, and often people do both. 

Top Tips on Becoming a Successful Fashion Vlogger

If you are considering starting your own vlog, there are some important things you need to keep in mind:

Identify your Audience

Find your own sense of style, and think about what will make your content and perspective attract viewers. Make sure it's something you feel passionately about, as this will translate to the audience. For example, if you’re a second-hand clothing lover, you might want to create videos about where to find pre-loved clothing and tips on how to style looks. 

Do your Research

You need to decide where you want to publish your content, whether it's starting your own YouTube channel or utilising another social media platform. Think about your target audience, and the best way to reach them. 

It's more than likely that you'll be working alone (at first!), so it’ll be up to you to come up with ideas, as well as filming and editing the video and organising the upload and replying to comments from viewers. Learn how to research how to shoot the video and cut the footage in the best way, as well as how to make sure the lighting is right and how to talk to the camera. 

Be Consistent

Consistency is key when building your following. Producing new and original content regularly will keep things fresh and exciting for your viewers, and help to build your reputation. It’s vital that your content is unique, and based on your brand and individual sense of style. This will make your videos feel authentic and genuine which is what viewers are looking for. 

Study at the Fashion Retail Academy

If fashion vlogging is something you’re passionate about, you can learn all there is to know about the industry by enrolling onto one of our fashion courses. We offer a variety of options including Level 2, 3 and 4 courses as well as undergraduate and apprenticeship courses. 

Our BA (Hons) Fashion Marketing & Communication will allow you to combine your creative and analytical expertise in order to identify new opportunities for brands to communicate with their audiences and maximise sales. You'll learn the latest techniques in social media, web design and digital creative skills.

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If you think a role in fashion is right for you, take the first step and study with the Fashion Retail Academy. If you have any questions about the courses on offer, send us an email at

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