FRA's Super Short Courses!

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Check out an excellent write up on our Short Courses by Rosalind Shimmen.

Are looking to develop new skills, broaden subject knowledge, develop a business idea or pursue a particular passion? If so then there is course for you at the FRA! You can pick from a wide range of short courses that cover introductory to advanced learning levels and are suitable for anyone and everyone interested in finding out more about fashion. If you are wishing to upscale from an existing job in the industry or just want a refresher, FRA’s short courses can help. Short courses range from 1- 5 days so you are able to brush up on old skills or learn something new, and get straight back to the office.

Courses are taught by current industry experts, many of whom work in fashion, giving you a first hand knowledge and all you need to know. Over all the different subjects FRA has to offer means your spoilt for choice. Each course will deliver a balance between theoretical knowledge and practical skills, meaning that you will leave an expert in your field!

Not to worry if fashion retail is all new to you as FRA offers courses in a range of levels from introduction all the way through to Advanced, so there is something for everyone. Whether you want to be a stylist or a buyer why not get in contact and give it a try! Their huge range of courses will mean you have bags to choose from!

Also if you want to find out more about what the academy has to offer and what the students think, be sure to check out their social media. Instagram - fashionretailacademy Twitter- @FRALondon Facebook: The Fashion Retail Academy