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FRA's Fabulous Fast Track Courses! Check out another fantastic blog post from Rosalind Shimmen, Rosalind Shimmen Communications.

"Do you ever find yourself flicking through the pages of glossy magazines, wishing you’d chosen a career in fashion? It’s something you’ve always been passionate about, but think you might have left it too late to gain the skills that are needed to break into such a competitive industry? With the FRA’s fast track courses anything is possible. These 22 week courses are suitable for adults aged 19+ and all the information is delivered two days a week. This means you can keep your part-time job whilst learning the tips of the trade in secret.

There are 7 different socialised courses, ranging from something as broad as fashion retail - ideal for students who are not sure which career path to take. To fast track digital marketing - a specialised course that has been developed to give you the skills and knowledge needed to secure employment in a digital role within the fashion retail sector.

If you think you need a little more time to decide on which specific path you want to take, the selection of level 3 courses will allow you to gain some invaluable skills, as well as a more in depth understanding into the industry and which specific path you might like to follow. If like most, you don’t want to leave the academy (and we don’t blame you!) you can choose to further your skills and continue on a level 4 course. These amazing courses are specially designed by industry experts to help you gain employment when you finish. If you don’t believe me, 90% of people that complete a level 4 diploma go onto jobs within the industry.

All courses include an invaluable three-week work placement with a major fashion brand to give you unrivalled experience, often resulting in a job offer at the end of it. What more could you want!

If you want to find out more or are ready to sign up click here for more information and the application form. Or if you want to visit the wonderful space you could be studying in they have an open day on the 25th November so be sure to come along and have a look! Sign up here.

Also if you want to find out more about what the academy has to offer and what the students think, be sure to check out their social media. Instagram: @fashionretailacademy Twitter- @FRALondon Facebook: The Fashion Retail Academy."

All information on our Fast Track courses can be found here.