FRA Students attend Arcadia Press Day!

FRA Students attend Arcadia Press Day!


During FRA Industry Week back in October, our Level 3 Fashion Retail students were treated to a week of talks, presentations and masterclasses from retailers such as Arcadia, F&F, Burberry, Mac and many more!

Gemma Moore was one of the students who attended the Arcadia presentation where they got to meet Tom Doran, PR Manager for Arcadia.

"Tom was brilliant and everyone loved him straight away. He was fantastic at involving all the students involved and getting us excited about the world of PR! Tom spoke to us about what he does day to day as a PR Manager, who he’s worked with and why he loves what he does. The presentation was really informative. At the end of the session he asked all students to email him and tell him why felt we should be invited to the Arcadia Press Day. Only two students were meant to be invited, however four of us were chosen! Sophia, Grace, Olivia and I. It was such an amazing experience to be apart of. We had the opportunity to see all the new collections that are going to be coming to the high street in the coming months and got to interact with all the PR teams from all the different brands under Arcadia. This helped us see how everyone works and what type of environment it is to work in and to see and hear how they entered the industry. Everybody was lovely and so welcoming. It was especially great to see ex-students from the Fashion Retail Academy working and hearing their stories on how they joined the Arcadia PR teams. An afternoon of freebies included drinks, food and mini beauty treatments! After every treatment we had, we were given mini items such as hair conditioner or Topshop nail varnish and rings. We were all thinking we could definitely get used to the life of a PR Manager! The experience overall was amazing and pushed me further to make my choice on what career path I wish to pursue in the future."

Thanks to The Arcadia Group for giving our students such a fantastic opportunity!


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