Our students were invited to take part in Discover M&S.com

Discover M&S.com


Discover M&S.com, Billie Hackett, Level 3 Fashion Retail 

On the 8th and 9th of October I attended a Digital Marketing workshop at M&S. The workshop involved working with the M&S.com team, who gave us a presentation on what they do at M&S.com. We were required over the two days to come up with a marketing campaign for how M&S can attract young people aged 18-24 to their website. We were broken off into groups of five with other students from FRA and to help us we were given two mentors who worked at M&S. In our groups we had to come up with a campaign idea that would advertise using different digital platforms. At the end of the two days we had to pitch our idea to judges who worked at M&S as well as the rest of the students on the workshop. The workshop was useful in giving knowledge about how the digital side of a company works and also it allowed us students to be creative and to work as a team to come up with an idea, giving us an insight to how marketing works. Furthermore, we developed our presentational skills as we were required to pitch our idea. Overall, the two days at M&S.com were interesting and exciting and it was a great experience.  


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