L4 Buying Work Placement, M&S by Natasha Lamb

Natasha Lamb


I have recently completed my work placement as part of my Level 4 Buying course and I was lucky enough to spend three weeks at Marks & Spencer's  Head Office in Paddington as a BAA. I was put on T61 Knickers and Vests, and the team made me feel so comfortable. The Buying Assistant gave me jobs too do as well as projects to complete throughout my three weeks there. One of my projects was to go on a Competitive Shop and look purely at packaging for Knickers and Vests and how we can incorporate new ideas in to M&S. I was given the day to go out and do my competitive shop. I also created new packaging ideas on Photoshop and then presented it back to the BA. She loved my ideas and kept a copy of my Powerpoint to show to the Buying Director and the rest of the team.

I also got the opportunity to help out at an International Buyers Fair for Lingerie and Beauty! It was a fantastic experience. I helped set up the fair and help layout the products I also got to meet members of M&S from oversea and experience what a buyers fair is like. I spent two whole days at the fair.

At the end of my placement I asked the International buyer to fill out a feedback form about how she felt I did while spending time with her and her feedback was:

"Natasha has a very positive attitude to working; she is very enthusiastic and has a good eye for product. She is happy to work on her own or within a team. She is a lovely lady and will do well in the future and has been very helpful during our event" - Natalie Abbott (International Lingerie & Beauty Buyer)"