Life After The Fashion Retail Academy by Robyn Bates

FRA students
Last year I graduated from The Fashion Retail Academy and I cannot explain how much I'm missing it!

For two years I studied Fashion Business right in the heart of London so as you can imagine, everything to do with Fashion was on my doorstep. Over the years, I studied many different subjects such as Buying, PR and Marketing, Visual Merchandising, Styling and many more! I loved every single one of them to the point where I must of changed my career plan at least 5 times!

My course was very fashion intense (of course) which I loved! I felt like I knew everything about the industry within those two years. The FRA offered so many free subscriptions to fashion websites which was amazing as you could find out all of the inside goss and what's going on within the industry!

As well as classes, we had the opportunity to go on trips to galleries, exhibitions, The Clothes Show Live in Birmingham and that's just to name a few! I wish I started blogging back then so that I could of shown you what was going on and how much they had on offer.

I attended many lectures from company directors within the industry as well as one with Sir Phillip Green (the most inspirational man I have ever met). Did you know that Sir Phillip Green started by buying a denim company for just 1p and now he is the owner of the Arcadia Group! I was always blown away with the stories of how companies started from humble beginnings. It's taught me to never to give up on my dreams.

Our graduation was an a spectacular event held at Freemasons Hall in Holborn, London. Not only did Vernon Kaye present the evening, we also had appearances from Tess Daly, Ciara, Tony Blair the CEO's of Tesco's and Sainsbury's. To top it off, Paloma Faith serenaded us in a shower of golden confetti. It was the perfect way to end an unbelievable era.

I have to mention the friends I made there! In the beginning I was a bit apprehensive as I hadn't studied in a class where the majority of the students were girls. Little did I know that I was about to meet the most amazing, loving, talented and caring group of girls! I have loads to say for the people I met there, especially the 5 girls I'm holding onto for life! I really don't know what I would do without them and I'm so grateful to have met them throughout my last 2 years of education. I thank them for making my college experience beyond incredible!

I feel so passionate about my college and would do anything to go back to those two years at The Fashion Retail Academy! I'm actually crying whilst writing blog as the memories are all flooding back! I would strongly recommend studying there if you love the world of fashion. They offer so many more courses. In the beginning I applied for two of them as I knew how much I wanted to study there. I am now an Assistant Buyer for Base Children's Wear and without the knowledge I gained from the FRA, this would not have been possible!