19+ Advanced Learning Loans Announced!

Advanced learning loans


The long awaited 19+ Advanced learning loan has been announced for all students who are UK residents, for courses starting from September onwards. The details, announced recently by the government, means that anyone ages 19+ can apply for the loan when studying a full-time level 3 or level 4 course at the Fashion Retail Academy. And the great news is, you won't start paying anything back until you are in employment and earning over £21,000. The loan will cover the entire cost of a one year or fast track course and a large proportion of the fees for a two year level 3 course. You can borrow as little as £300 right up to the maximum of your courses fees for most courses (less a £50 admin set up fee). So with almost nothing to pay up front, studying at the Fashion Retail Academy just got a whole lot easier on your bank balance. For more details click here.