Where can a BA Hons in Business Management for Fashion take you?

Business Management for Fashion


If you thought fashion retail was purely about the design of a garment, it’s time for a rethink. The creation of a piece is just the beginning. The fashion retail environment is highly competitive. And as the retail industry evolves at an incredible speed, influenced by digital media and variable trading environments, there’s a greater need than ever for competitive business models.

And this is where business management skills come in – and become invaluable.

Read on to find out exactly what business management means in the fashion retail space, what career opportunities might be available to you, and most importantly – how you can get started.

What is business management for fashion?

Generally, business management refers to coordinating and organising the various activities of a business (or brand) to achieve corporate goals and maximise profits. In the fashion retail environment, this might translate to creating sales strategies to curate a brand identity, leading and managing people, studying retail trends and customer behaviour, and analysing data to improve performance.

The skills needed for a career in business management span a wide range of disciplines, including buying and merchandising, sales, product development and marketing.

Is it right for me?

As you can see, a career in business management requires an even mix of skills, ranging from mathematical and analytical to creative. For this reason, our BA Hons in Business Management for Fashion Retail degree teaches a broad spectrum of skills to give your students the biggest head-start possible.

This degree is perfect for you if you’re keen to break into the fashion retail landscape, but aren’t quite sure yet which specific discipline you’d like to follow. You’ll be prepared for a range of career paths, with future-proofed skills to give you the agility you’ll need to succeed.

What will my business management career look like?

The best thing about the BA Hons Business Management for Fashion Retail course is the sheer wealth of options this qualification opens up to you. Here are just a few of the roles you might choose to pursue:

Digital Marketing Manager

Digital Marketing Managers are in charge of the online strategy for a company. It’s up to them to drive traffic to the website and increase online sales. Running marketing campaigns, boosting SEO (search engine optimisation) and improving the usability of the website are all also key for this role.

Customer Manager or Director

The most important function of a Customer Manager or Director is to lead a team of customer service professionals, making sure that they’re representing the company in the best way possible. In this way, a Customer Manager directly impacts customer loyalty and profits. Good managers are able to encourage and inspire their team, finding ways to motivate each individual.

Business Owner

If you’ve got the idea, the drive and the capital to go it alone, being a business owner can be an immensely rewarding experience. You call the shots, and have complete creative freedom over your brand the products you create. However, being a business owner also comes with many responsibilities – the design, sales, marketing and strategy all come down to you (until you’re in a position to take on employees). A typical day for a business owner might include anything from meeting with investors to designing new products.

Strategist or Analyst

These roles tend to be based in a company’s head office, and their main function is to analyse past data to drive a sales strategy to boost profits. You’ll examine risks and opportunities, analyse industry trends and work closely alongside the marketing and finance departments. For this position, you’ll need a good head for numbers as well as strong teamwork skills

Supply Chain and Inventory Manager

If you have a head for numbers and a love of logistics, a career as a Supply Chain and Inventory Manager might be the right choice for you. Daily duties will include planning delivery timetables, monitoring stock levels and overseeing shipments. Essentially, it is the role of the Supply Chain and Inventory Manager to make sure a warehouse has enough stock to fill stores and fulfil orders.

Community Manager

As a Community Manager, you’ll be in charge of growing and nurturing an online community for your brand online and via social media platforms. This might include brainstorming content, creating editorial calendars and managing paid online advertising. These types of roles require you to be digitally savvy as well as an interest in the evolution of social media, as there is a need to keep on top of existing and emerging platforms.

Store Manager

A Store Manager is responsible for all aspects the day-to-day running of a retail outlet, from training staff to overseeing budgets. In this role, you’re in direct contact with the general public as well as staff, so great customer service is a must. Your day is likely to be varied and busy, so this role suits someone who likes a challenge and thrives on the buzz of a bustling workplace.

If you’re interested in a stimulating and fast-paced career in any one of these areas, a qualification in Business Management for Fashion Retail might be the right path for you. Read on to find out more about the course.

What makes our exclusive BA Hons Business Management for Fashion Retail course special?

We created this exciting new course in partnership with Falmouth University, which has been ranked gold in the Teaching Excellence Framework, the new classification of degree teaching standards.

This “Fast Track” degree takes place over two years, and offers all of the same content as a traditional degree, but in a condensed time-frame – perfect for those who want to hit the ground running. The course was devised with the input of fashion retail employers from high street to high-end, meaning you can be sure that every skill you learn is relevant, timely and in-demand. This course also comes in at just two thirds of the cost of a traditional degree.

The techniques used in our industry just ten years ago are no longer relevant today, and things continue to develop at an incredible speed. As a result, this course aims to create a new kind of employee who is able to keep up with the ever-changing retail sector.

What are the benefits of our TWO year fast track degree programme in Business Management?

Not only will you graduate after two years, the course also includes a three week unrivalled head office work placement each year with a high street brand – organised by the FRA. You’ll have an industry mentor throughout the course as well as a guaranteed job interview upon graduation - subject to meeting the expected levels of attendance in accordance with FRA’s Attendance Monitoring Policy.

Tell me more. 

While you’ll study at the FRA in Central London, you’ll receive a prestigious degree from Falmouth University and have access to their online library and resources throughout the duration of the course. The content of the course is designed around study from levels 4-6.

As with all FRA degrees, we focus on delivering a combination of theoretical and practical content. This ensures you have a well-rounded foundation of knowledge to set you head and shoulders above the competition when the time comes to apply for those entry-level roles.

Why study at the FRA?

The FRA is positioned just minutes away from Oxford Street, placing you at the heart of the UK’s fashion retail scene. In addition, we’ve just undergone a huge, £2m refurbishment, which has seen us add a new Mac suite to our Digital Hub, revitalise our library with quiet study areas, implement a pop-up shop to expose you to a real-life retail environment, and build a brand new technology suite.

As one of our Higher Education students, you’ll also have access to dedicated classroom zones as well as study pods and breakout spaces and membership to Falmouth’s Student Union. As part of the Union, you’ll be able to access a wealth of study resources and advice.

Will you be our next success story? Find out more about the BA Hons Business Management for Fashion Retail course here, or sign up here for an Open Day to find out more about the degree.