Student Life by Abi Moore

Student Life L4 Garment Technology


Student Life by Abi Moore, L4 Garment Technology.

Garment Technology is an often misunderstood subject and the fashion industry is currently facing a shortage in Garment Technologists!

Abi Moore did the L4 Garment Technology here at the Fashion Retail Academy so we caught up with her to find out more about her experience, what she learnt and the role she recently started!

  1. What have you learnt on the L4 Garment Technology course? 

During the course I learnt various skills that relate to the garment technologist role. We learnt about product defects and how garments are inspected and tested. We also learnt who is present in a fit session and about the critical path - both of which are incredibly important for a garment technologist! We covered how to edit basic blocks to create a trend driven shirt for a chosen retailer, we got to fit and make comments on each stage of the sealing process - from our first toile right through to our finished garment. Finally, we all had the chance to get these skills into practice by going on a three week work placement with a supporting retailer of the FRA - I was lucky to do my placement with M&S in their kidswear department! I had previously studied textiles at school and college so the content was very interesting for me.

  1. Why did you choose the L4 Garment Technology course?

I chose the Level 4 Garment Technology course because I love textiles, always have and always will! I knew even before I left college that university wasn't for me, I struggled with my A-levels and exams in general, so to me it was the ultimate advantage that this course had no exams! With the Fashion Retail Academy being located in the heart of London, I was able to travel regularly to loads of different places!

  1. Why is studying at the FRA good?

For me personally, the FRA is very different to other educational facilities I have attended. The atmosphere is relaxed and everyone on my course was very friendly which made it so much better. You are also given a lot of freedom in your coursework which can really help you understand your strengths and weaknesses. We had one particular unit which aimed to prepare us for working in the industry, it included advice and help with our CV’s, LinkedIn and career progression!

  1. What did you enjoy most about the FRA?

The three week work placement was an amazing opportunity to get your foot in the door and it looks amazing on your CV, brands are always keen to have FRA students work for them, it's like a fast pass to a job! I also enjoyed the different units we covered, including contextual studies which really helped me understand more about fashion history, something I'm really passionate about. We also participated in a real life industry project with leading high street brands, this helped me improve my presentation skills and team work.

  1. What is the best thing the FRA offered you?

Besides a variety of new skills, the FRA has offered me a lot of contacts for the future, it was always encouraged to ask lots of questions and use networking to help you when looking for jobs. "It's not just what you know, it's who you know" is something my tutors always told me. The FRA has also given me a lot of confidence and I have had amazing experiences.

  1. What is your plan after leaving the FRA?

A few weeks after finishing the course I was offered a job as Technical Admin Assistant for Womenswear at Boden! I have recently started the role and am thoroughly enjoying it and the products I am involved with. The FRA definitely shows you can get into the fashion industry without a degree!

If you're interested in the L4 Garment Technology course but would like to find out more and see the academy, register for one of our upcoming L4 or All Courses Open Days here.