The FRA, a roller-coaster of emotions by Georgia Nicholas-Jago

The FRA, a roller-coaster of emotions by Georgia Nicholas-Jago


Georgia Nicholas-Jago graduated from the L4 Fashion Retail course in February and has written a very inspiring piece on her time at the FRA and we love it! Many students can relate to this piece across all colleges and universities, you'll have ups and downs but at then end it's all worth it! Georgia explains why:

"My time at the Fashion Retail Academy was a complete roller-coaster of emotions. There were times when we all wanted to give up, there were times where we had to laugh other wise we’d cry and there were times when we all couldn’t wait to get back in and see each other. But honestly, it was one of the most amazing things I could have done.

I chose to move from the full-time version of my course, to a fast-track 6 month version. I had done a work placement, an industry project, all my essays and projects, including my final business plan, and had finished by February! The amount of connections I made and industry knowledge I gained in just 6 months is insane.

I now know what I want to be when I ‘grow up’, and have had job offers for that dream job too! The ball is completely in my court! I also have to thank FRA, for my blog too! I was inspired to believe I could do it, and well, here I am.

I’m not saying it wasn’t hard work, but all the 4am starts were worth while, all the hours of stress have been almost forgotten, and the very little social life I had for 6 months is kind of ok, because I met some incredible people in the mean time.

The girls I met back in September were my people! I have met people I had no idea I’d be friends with, people I clicked with instantly, and some I have odd things in common with, but together we have become this little family. And after 5 months of us finishing and not seeing each other, we were the exact same when we finally got to see each other again at graduation!

So if you are thinking about going to FRA then do it! If you’re uncertain about uni, do your degree at FRA! And if you went to uni, got your degree, but always wished you’d gone to FRA; do your post-grad course at FRA! Every tutor has worked in the industry, with masses of knowledge and experience, you’d be mad not too!!"

This could you be you! Have a look at the L4 Fashion Retail course here! If you're not too sure what course to apply for register here for one of our upcoming Open Days to find out more about courses, speak to tutors and see the academy!