FRA Alumni Annie Ashwell brings her Final Major Project to Life!

FRA Alumni Annie Ashwell brings her Final Major Project to Life!

Annie Ashwell brings her Final Major Project to life and launches Home of Eco, an eco-friendly online marketplace!

Annie studied L4 Visual Merchandising at the Fashion Retail Academy in London and graduated in 2010. She came up with the idea for Home of Eco as her Final Major Project on the Visual Merchandising course. After a year of work placements and practical design work in the studios, she turned the idea into reality through her FMP that secured her a distinction upon graduating. Since then, Annie set her sights high and has worked hard in the retail industry as a Display Manager and decided to dedicate her evenings and weekends to getting her business started. She saw an opportunity to build a positive, feel-good marketplace that shoppers can rely on and trust and has always believed in its future.

Home of Eco is an online store where environmentally conscious customers will find high-quality jewellery, skincare, gifting and soon to be clothing from a list of trusted companies. Each company that lists their products on the Home of Eco marketplace must adhere to a certain amount of the points on the ‘green list’ – a set of principles designed to identify the best producers of eco-friendly goods.

Annie Ashwell on Home of Eco: "We want to begin a conversation about how our products are made and support sellers taking the right actions. Home of Eco is about building a community of like-minded people – customers, small business owners– to promote environmentally-friendly buying decisions. It’s about feeling good about the products you are buying as a consumer, knowing that they’re sustainably sourced."

"I think a lot of people feel powerless to do anything about environmental issues. It can be daunting and time-consuming to research how to make a difference. At Home of Eco we want our customers to feel safe in the knowledge that every product has to meet a certain standard in our green list. We do the hard work for you, connecting you with high-quality trusted brands, so that you can shop guilt-free."

"Once I started researching environmentally-friendly commerce, I found so many great companies producing lovely products. I’m happy that I can shine a light on the great work that these passionate small businesses do."

Home of Eco will launch with 7 sellers listing products on the marketplace. The site works in a similar way to the popular website Etsy, where companies list their products, and customers are able to search or filter the results.

In addition to the marketplace, Home of Eco will also have a regularly updated blog – called ‘What on Earth?’ – that features articles how to live a more environmentally-friendly life, as well as fun profiles on leading eco-entrepreneurs and good news stories about our wonderful planet.

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