My work experience at the FRA

Natalie farago


From a young age, I was always curious about the fashion industry, and as I matured I decided that the career that I wanted to pursue was fashion marketing. When the opportunity of working at the Fashion Retail Academy marketing team for a week arose, I eagerly sent my CV and quickly my supervisor organised for me to join them in the first week of July.

When I arrived for the first day, I was lucky enough to join my supervisor to a presentation by Mark Shorten, the managing director of Loewe (one of the brands of LVMH) in Europe and the Middle East. He was able to tell us all about his jobs at famous department stores such as Harrods and Selfridges. I thoroughly enjoyed the talk as this is the future I aspire to have and felt like was a very positive beginning to the week. Afterwards, I met the rest of the marketing team on the office floor, and got a small induction in the roles of the team which were in the office that day. In the afternoon, I was able to join the team with their weekly meeting of jobs and plans for the future, and was briefly able to contribute which I did appreciate as I had only been there for half a day. Tuesday was a quieter day, as I completed a couple of research tasks about some of the services the Fashion Retail Academy’s competitors provide.

On the Wednesday, the Academy begun their three day pre enrolment event, for the new September students to have a taster of the course they have chosen, and complete a workshop about the course. I was able to help out with registering the students, and got to sit in on the level 3 Fashion retail workshop. In this workshop, I helped my group present our ideas for how we can improve the retail experience for a brand (we chose Urban Outfitters). Again I did enjoy this, and even though it wasn’t in the area was particularly interested in, I did learn about what makes a shopping experience more pleasurable. In the afternoon, I compiled a list of companies that could provide potential ‘freebies’ for the brand. Again on the Thursday, I helped the future students sign in for the pre enrolment event. On my last day, one of the last tasks I had was to choose some photos for the upcoming 2019 prospectus off Getty images.

Overall, my work experience has been a great learning experience for me as I got to understand the office environment to a greater standard, meet lots of new people, and learn about the marketing industry in more depth. I would highly recommend this placement if someone is interested in learning about what the marketing sector entails. If you are interested in fashion marketing in particular, the team are keen to get you involved in fashion related activities going on within the college. In conclusion, it’s been a great week and hope that anyone else who was in my position will consider this opportunity.