Level 3 Work Placement - Modus PR, Hollie Kinloch

Level 3 Work Placement - Modus PR


As an FRA student currently studing the Level 3 Fashion Retail Diploma, coming to the end of my time at the FRA, it was difficult making my final decisions on whether I will attend university or choose a different direction. 

Work placement came around fast. I was placed in a well known agency PR company called Modus. This agency deals with brands such as  Calvin Klein, Bally and Chloe. During my time at Modus, I was conducted day to day tasks: sending out brand samples to publications/stylists and picking out looks to send out. The day to day tasks admittedly are not glamorous, the bottom of the PR career ladder is very mediocre. However, I got to set up and be apart of their season press day at the China Exchange. This was an amazing opportunity to meet brand ambassadors and to get a feel of real PR.

Modus has created an amazing pathway for me, especially as I am not particularly interested in going to university. After working long hours and doing undesirable jobs (such as painting stands for press day) I gained recognition by the Operations Director. The director asked me back as an intern and offered me a job as a Collections Co-ordinators when I finish at the FRA.

My final year will be far less stressful now I have been offered job as soon as I finish my course. Although I am unsure about whether I want to remain in PR, I am thankful to the FRA for this placement as I have truly 'got my foot in the fashion door'. No matter what I end up doing within fashion, this work placement would have helped me.

Hollie Kinloch, Level 3 Fashion Retail Student